What motivates me to get up every morning and write? This is a question i was asked by a co-worker. She doesn’t understand why i focus on writing so much.

Well, I do it because i love it. It has been a passion of mine since i was a little girl. In high school i would write short stories about me and all my friends and the adventures we wished we could get into. I love having my neices and nephews over and telling the bed time stories that i wrote just from them.

Bottom line is, i love writing. I’m not perfect at it and i’m still learning the craft. But one day i plan to be a published author so i need to learn as much as i can about the craft and enter as many writer challenges as i can because it makes me a better writer.

What motivates you to write? Leave me a comment.
xoxo Siren.

2-19-13 Tip #3

Today’s writing tip comes from They have a lot of helpful tips on their site. The one i read this morning discusses the use of hyphens. You can sign up for their email service for free and they will email you tips like the one i’m posting today.

Hope you find this helpful. Remember keep writing and never give up.
xoxo Siren