Writing Tips

Sharing my Work! :) :(

I will begin by saying that I am extremely nervous when it comes to allowing my family and friends to read the stories I write. But, this week I decided to go ahead and let a co-worker read my story Christmas Confusion.


Okay I will stop yelling now. But I am glad that she liked it because I love it. It’s not an Erotica, which is what I usually write. It’s a New Adult and it’s very sweet and funny. I never thought I would like writing for that genre – but I enjoyed writing this story very much.

I so wish I could share a snippet of it with you but I don’t think that would be wise since it is currently in the publishers hands and they frown upon that. Fingers crossed, hoping they will enjoy reading it as much as my co-worker Shawn did. (She asked me to say her name, it makes her feel special, lol)

The point of this post is – Share! Share your story with people you can trust and who will give you an honest opinion. Shawn pointed out a few places in my story that confused her and a few run on sentences, (I am the worst when it comes to run on sentences.) But she helped me catch things that I missed, thanks Shawn.

Writing Tip: Share.

xoxo Siren

Fashion and Romance

Spring is in the air!


Spring is in the air and soon we will be donning our more revealing clothing. 🙂

This top is perfect for spring! What does this top say to you? What kind of character does it bring to mind?

When I see it I think Spring Break! Her and her friends have decided to take a cruise to the bahama’s. No school for a week, no professors giving them fifty page assignments and most importantly no parents around to tell them what to do and when to do it. Time to take a walk on the wild side and remember, what happens during spring break, stays…well you probably won’t remember what happened anyway so no worries. 🙂

xoxo Siren

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