Who vs. Whom!!!!!!!!

Does anyone other than me struggle with word usage? Sometimes I struggle with which word to use in certain situations; especially in the case of Who vs. Whom. Thankfully my friends over at dailywritingtips.com have the answer. Check out the email they sent me on the subject of when to use who or whom. Hope this helps someone, xoxo Siren.

How Do You Determine Whether to Use Who or Whom?

Posted: 18 Mar 2013 09:03 PM PDT

Even the boldest, most confident writers can cower in fear and sob with frustration when confronted with the problem of whether to use who or whom in a sentence. Heck, I know it confuses me.

Here’s the distinction: Use who to refer to the subject of the sentence (“I am the person who you are looking for”) and whom to refer to the object of the sentence (“Whom have you invited?”)

If you’re still unsure about which form to use in a sentence, try this test: Restate the sentence with a personal pronoun, or, if it is a question, answer the question with one word. If the personal pronoun in the restatement or response is he or she, who is correct. If it’s him or her, whom is correct.

Statement: “I have a friend who can help.”
Restatement: “He can help.” (Who is correct.)

Question: “Whom have you invited?”
Response: “Him.” (Whom is correct.)

Note, however, that sometimes you can avoid the problem of determining which form to use by omitting a relative pronoun altogether, and the result is often an improvement. For example, the sentence “I am the person who you are looking for” is better rendered as “I am the person you are looking for.”

Also, beware of these pitfalls: “They’ll complain to whoever [not whomever] will listen” is correct, because whoever is the subject of “will listen.” However, “Whomever [not whoever] you hire is fine with me” is correct because whomever is the object of hire.

Furthermore, use of whom in a sentence such as “It was Smith and Jones whom we had to contend with” is a hypercorrection. (“It was Smith and Jones who we had to contend with” is correct, though the sentence is better with the pronoun omitted: “It was Smith and Jones we had to contend with.”) Append a phrase containing the same pronoun to realize how awkward this form is. (“It was Smith and Jones whom we had to contend with, whom some among us feared.”)

These complications, and others, make traditional rules regarding use of whom problematic; when even experienced writers have to repeatedly pore through a grammar text to remind themselves about the details, the distinction has ceased to be practical. The fusty who/whom distinction is fading in conversational usage, and it is my fervent hope that the use of whom except in unambiguous “to whom” constructions will likewise atrophy.

I’ll let legendary language maven William Safire have the last word: Of this issue, he said, in effect, when the question of whether to use whom or who arises, revise the sentence so that you don’t have to puzzle over which form is correct.

Her Dom’s Journal – Part 2


London felt a blush creeping up her neck as she read the first line on the first page of his journal.

‘I’ve never craved another’s touch as much as I crave the touch of my London. Since the moment our eyes met across the crowded room of The Garden I have thought of nothing but her ruby red lips and her hour glass figure draped beautifully in the red chiffon dress she wore that night. I must have her. I will have her.

She isn’t the type of woman I usually pursue. She isn’t shy or demure. I should be deterred by the bold way she stares at me, challenging me with her gaze. I am not. I have never been one to back down from a challenge and though she doesn’t yet know the ways of a true submissive – I will teach her. I will show her how good it feels to let go and let another be in control.

I will teach her that with me, there is no need for her to worry or stress over mundane things. I will take care of her every need. The only thing she has to do is submit.

Yet that is the hard part. Even though she wears a white mask at The Garden she is by no means interested in submitting. I wonder if she’s know that white is the color of a submissive at The Garden. Probably not. I could easily picture her in a black and silver mask signaling her desire to be a Domme.

London rubbed her finger over the word Domme, she too could see herself being a Domme – the one in control. But Michael did not have a submissive bone in his body. If being a Domme meant losing him she would continue trying to learn the ways of a submissive. London sighed. She didn’t know if she had it in her to be obedient.

No matter how much she tried to give herself over to the ways of this new world she’d entered, a part of her still rebelled against the idea of letting a man be in control of her. But she had to admit the sex was fantastic, explosive, and tremendous.

But was it worth it?

London continued reading the next entry in his journal.

‘London says she chose the white mask because it complimented her dress… newbies.’

London rolled her eyes at being referred to by her Dom as a newbie. The white mask did look good on her. It made her red hair look like flames surrounding her face. She loved that mask. But when she entered the Fetish Garden and was told to pick a mask that represented her intentions she probably should have read the note that came with each mask. Later that night, after she met Michael, she learned that her mask signaled she was a newcomer interested in meeting a Dom. Imagine her shock when she learned she couldn’t change her mind or her mask until she at least spent some time in a Dom’s company. London spent that weekend with her Dom and her whole life changed. London shivered at the memory.

‘I won’t allow her to change her mind. This weekend I will escort her to my Florida condo. When I am done with her she won’t be able to walk right for days. I can’t wait to feel the first drops of her orgasm on my tongue. She will be mine and she will love it.’

How arrogant yet true. She was his…and she loved it.

The next entry is available now: https://sirenallen.com/2013/03/26/week-3-of-her-doms-journl-tempting-tuesdays/
xoxo Siren


Her Dom’s Journal – Part 1

~ Her Dom’s Journal Part One ~


London stared at the black leather bound journal. Her fingers itched to touch it. She reached for it but pulled her hand back, chastising herself for even considering reading his diary. Oops, his journal. It pissed him off when she called it a diary.

“Men don’t keep diaries, we write journals,” her Dom told her on more than one occasion.

London sat down on the floor, Indian style. She placed her hands demurely in her lap, away from the journal that lay in front of her. How could he have left something so precious behind? Once he realized it was missing from his briefcase, he was going to be angry.

But there was nothing he could do about it. London smiled wickedly. He’d apparently dropped it as he packed for his trip to Hawaii, without her. London was upset that he was leaving her behind but taking him with him… Daniel, his assistant, his boy toy. Daniel got trips to Hawaii but all London got was a mind blowing orgasm and an order to not go to the Fetish Garden – the sex club where she met her Dom, Michael.

Well, if Michael didn’t want her to go to the Garden then she would have to find something else to do to occupy her time with him gone for a week. London smiled at the journal. She knew if it had lips it would smile back at her and tell her to read it. All books wanted to be read.

She couldn’t do it.

If she read his journal he would punish her. He was already upset with her for not answering the phone when Daniel called last week. She didn’t need to do anything to further anger him. Then again, he always assumed the worst in people, he was cynical like that. He would assume she read it even if she didn’t, which meant she had a punishment coming whether it was deserved or not.
London twisted a strand of her long red hair around her finger, a nervous habit.

What to do?

She really only had two options. Read the journal – get punished. Not read the journal – get punished.

London pushed herself up off the floor and walked over to the journal. The poor thing looked so lonely on the red carpet of her Dom’s bedroom. She may as well quit resisting, with him gone for a week she knew she was going to read the journal at some point.

London picked the black journal up, it felt heavy in her hands, or was that guilt weighing her down? She walked over to the king size bed she shared with her Dom. She climbed into the bed and snuggled under the covers. She could still smell his cologne on the black satin sheets. She missed him already. She should be ashamed of herself for what she was about to do. A good little sub would never disobey a direct order from her Dom.

Oh well, London opened the book to the first page and smiled…

Next entry available now: https://sirenallen.com/2013/03/19/week-2-of-her-doms-journal-tempting-tuesdays/.
xoxo Siren


A hunger like no other – By Kresley Cole

a hunger

If you haven’t read this book you are missing out on a great read. The Hero is a wolf, the heroine is part vampire part valkyrie; what more could you ask for? There’s romance, fighting, blood drinking, and sex, steamy steamy sex.

I absolutely love the Hero, Lachlain. He’s been tortured by vampires for years and the only thing keeping him from going insane is the thought of his mate. Finally, one day he scents her, he knows that she is near. His desire for her makes him stronger, strong enough to escape the hell he’s been in. BUT when he finds her, he finds out that she is part vampire. Imagine his anger. But even the fact that she is a vampire cannot keep him from adoring the woman fate has gifted him with.

Loved it!


“Dress available at:http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Loyaltee-Forever/286336724735379


What does this dress say to you? What kind of character does it bring to mind?

When I see it, the first word that comes to mind is Whimsical. The dress makes me think of a picnic near a garden in the middle of spring. Beautiful flowers surround the young couple as the Hero stares into her eyes wondering how could someone like him be so lucky to find a girl like her. The heroine, timid and sweet; smiles shyly at him. Her heart races when he grabs her hand and brings it to his lips for a kiss. 🙂

What scene does it bring to mind for you?

xoxo Siren

Positive Feedback!!

Happy Monday, fellow writers (published and unpublished).

You are probably thinking, ‘Siren, It’s Monday. Why are you in such a good mood?’

Well i’m in a great mood because I entered a writing contest a few weeks ago, the results are now in and guess what – I LOST. 🙂

Yep you heard me correcty, I lost, I didn’t even make it to the finals.

BUT: I did receive positive feedback from one of the editors and you know what? Her feedback has helped me alot. I see places in my story that need a lot of work and places that need to be strengthened. I didn’t lose the contest because i’m a bad writer, I lost because my story was weak. The plot wasn’t heavy enough. There wasn’t enough conflict to keep my damsel and hero apart and not enough romance to bring them together.

But I love the story line of my book and I believe it can become a great story, but it’s up to me to make it a great story!

So i’m going to take the editors advice and work on it, have others read it, work on it some more – then resubmit it.

The moral of the story is: Losing is not always bad. It’s what you do with the loss that makes it bad. I plan to use my loss as motivation and work harder and study the craft of writing more.

Remember – never give up.

Have a great day all!!
xoxo Siren