A hunger like no other – By Kresley Cole

a hunger

If you haven’t read this book you are missing out on a great read. The Hero is a wolf, the heroine is part vampire part valkyrie; what more could you ask for? There’s romance, fighting, blood drinking, and sex, steamy steamy sex.

I absolutely love the Hero, Lachlain. He’s been tortured by vampires for years and the only thing keeping him from going insane is the thought of his mate. Finally, one day he scents her, he knows that she is near. His desire for her makes him stronger, strong enough to escape the hell he’s been in. BUT when he finds her, he finds out that she is part vampire. Imagine his anger. But even the fact that she is a vampire cannot keep him from adoring the woman fate has gifted him with.

Loved it!


“Dress available at:http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Loyaltee-Forever/286336724735379


What does this dress say to you? What kind of character does it bring to mind?

When I see it, the first word that comes to mind is Whimsical. The dress makes me think of a picnic near a garden in the middle of spring. Beautiful flowers surround the young couple as the Hero stares into her eyes wondering how could someone like him be so lucky to find a girl like her. The heroine, timid and sweet; smiles shyly at him. Her heart races when he grabs her hand and brings it to his lips for a kiss. 🙂

What scene does it bring to mind for you?

xoxo Siren

Positive Feedback!!

Happy Monday, fellow writers (published and unpublished).

You are probably thinking, ‘Siren, It’s Monday. Why are you in such a good mood?’

Well i’m in a great mood because I entered a writing contest a few weeks ago, the results are now in and guess what – I LOST. 🙂

Yep you heard me correcty, I lost, I didn’t even make it to the finals.

BUT: I did receive positive feedback from one of the editors and you know what? Her feedback has helped me alot. I see places in my story that need a lot of work and places that need to be strengthened. I didn’t lose the contest because i’m a bad writer, I lost because my story was weak. The plot wasn’t heavy enough. There wasn’t enough conflict to keep my damsel and hero apart and not enough romance to bring them together.

But I love the story line of my book and I believe it can become a great story, but it’s up to me to make it a great story!

So i’m going to take the editors advice and work on it, have others read it, work on it some more – then resubmit it.

The moral of the story is: Losing is not always bad. It’s what you do with the loss that makes it bad. I plan to use my loss as motivation and work harder and study the craft of writing more.

Remember – never give up.

Have a great day all!!
xoxo Siren