~~ Girl Talk With Siren Allen ~~


Girl Talk With Siren Allen

Today I will not share the Christmas wishes of my characters. I will share with you a few of my own wishes.

1 – I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
2- I have to work Christmas day…so I hope that everyone is healthy and happy on Christmas and have no reason to venture out and come to the hospital on Christmas Day. That way my Phlebotomist and I will be able to have a relaxing work day. (Joke)
3 – I hope all of you go one-click my three Christmas stories.
Christmas Confusion:
~Amazon U.S: http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Confusion-Monica-Garry-Allen-ebook/dp/B00H4OI2EQ/
~Amazon U.K: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Christmas-Confusion-Monica-Garry-Allen-ebook/dp/B00H4OI2EQ/

Christmas Fantasy:
~Amazon U.S: http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Fantasy-Siren-Allen-ebook/dp/B00H7IZZIU/
~Amazon U.K: http://www.amazon.co.UK/Christmas-Fantasy-Siren-Allen-ebook/dp/B00H7IZZIU/

Lily’s Naughty Christmas:
~Amazon U.S:www.amazon.com/Lilys-Naughty-Christmas-Siren-Allen-ebook/dp/B00H7K6KDC/
~Amazon U.K:www.amazon.co.UK/Lilys-Naughty-Christmas-Siren-Allen-ebook/dp/B00H7K6KDC/

4 – I hope that all of my family and friends are happy with the presents that I have for them. (They are all getting the same thing, therefore no one can be jealous of the others gift. Lol)
5 – I hope that my nieces and nephews enjoy and appreciate all of the gifts that Santa has left under the tree for them.
6 – I hope that everyone is safe this holiday season. No drinking and driving or texting and driving.
7 – I hope that I don’t gain any weight after Christmas dinner.
8 – I wish many words to all of my writer friends.
9 – I wish for a peaceful day for all of my friends that have to work on Christmas. Special thank you and Merry Christmas to those in the Armed Forces.
10 – Last, but definitely not least. I would like to wish my husband a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (We’ve made it through 6 months of marriage….Yay us!!!!!!!) Lol.

Oh and thank you honey for all of ‘The Walking Dead’ gifts you gave me for Christmas. I LOVE THEM.