Girl Talk with author Anais Morgan


Welcome to another Girl Talk Saturday! Today we have author Anais Morgan sharing with us her characters from, At Your Service, New Year’s Resolutions.

Heroine’s New Year’s resolutions
1. Accept people as they are, not their worth.
2. Find my own way, not just live off my parents.
3. Keep up to date on the latest fashions (I’m a starlet, after all).
4. Find ways to be around Rye.

Hero’s New Year’s Resolutions
1. Please my lady’s requests.
2. Improve my skills as a butler.
3. Gain confidence to run a household.
4. Learn to sew (getting a tailor in the middle of the night is not easy).
5. I’d like to think that, if I save up the money, I am ready to buy a ring for Dana.

All commenters will be entered in a drawing to win a spa gift set and a copy of the book. Winners will be chosen at random.

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****New Release****
~At Your Service by Anais Morgan~

As the new butler, Rye is sure sex with his boss’ daughter isn’t in the job description.

The last thing Rye Matthews wants to do is follow in his father’s footsteps as a butler. What keeps him at the Montgomery mansion is Dana. She’s beautiful and has amazing curves. Rye can’t deny the immediate attraction.

When Dana’s normal carrier is sick, Rye is asked to take her shopping. He doesn’t expect her to be forward, getting very physical in a dressing room. He burns to touch her more but knows he must keep it professional, for his job’s sake. Can he resist Dana’s temptations, or are his days as a butler numbered?

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