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Affect vs. Effect

Have you visited Daily Writing Tips online? I love it. It’s a great place to find information on grammar, style and other punctuation issues that writers may have questions about. For instance, below is a link to a post on Affect vs. Effect – two very different however very similar words. If you’ve had problems figuring out which to use you should check out this link.



The various senses of affect, each followed by a sentence demonstrating them, follow:

A noun meaning “mental state”: “In his report, the psychiatrist, noting his lack of expression or other signs of emotion, described his affect as flat.”

A verb meaning “to produce an effect, to influence”: “I knew that my opinion would affect her choice, so I deliberately withheld it.”


The various senses of effect, each followed by a sentence demonstrating them, follow:

A noun meaning “the result of a cause”: “The effect of the lopsided vote was a loss of confidence in the chairman.”

A noun meaning “an impression”: “The soft, gentle tone has a calming effect.”

A noun, usually in plural form, meaning “personal property, possession”: “Among the effects found in the deceased man’s pockets was a small book with his name self-inscribed.”

Girl Talk Saturday

Girl Talk with the characters of ‘What Goes Around’ by Anne Bikov


Welcome to another Girl Talk Saturday! Today we have the characters from What Goes Around with us to share their idea of the perfect date. First up is Randie.


Randie’s idea of the perfect date.

1. Dinner and Dancing
2. Dinner and a movie
3. A cozy night at home, cuddled up in front of the TV
4. Walking along the city streets together, window shopping and talking.
5. A carnival or fair

Next we have Joe sharing his idea of the perfect date.


1. Dinner and a walk along a body of water
2. A bike ride on a beautiful spring or fall day
3. Going to the town fair, eating fair food and riding rides together
4. A romantic dinner for two followed by a long night in a classy hotel suite
5. Homemade dinner followed by cuddling on the couch watching a movie

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