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T.V. Boyfriends #ILoveMeSomeHim #Giveaway


Happy Friday!

This is the third week of the, Who’s your T.V. boyfriend or girlfriend giveaway. So, if you’re a T.V junkie like myself, you probably have tons of television boyfriends/girlfriends. No, that doesn’t make you scandalous. It makes you freaking awesome. In honor of all television junkies, every week in April I will list three of my television boyfriends. Feel free to leave one of your own in the comments section. (One of you will win a prize. Yay!)

They are not listed in order of importance. All of them are number one in my book.

~Week Three: Top Three~

This week I am giving props to the handsome men on The Walking Dead. In my honest opinion, every one in the world should watch this show. It is freaking awesome. If you like romance, they’ve got that. If you like drama, they’ve got that. If you’re into the blood and guts type shows, they’ve got tons of that. See, they have something for every one. So, let me introduce you to my Walking Dead Boyfriends!

#1 Rick Grimes and #2 Daryl Dixon


So, in this pic, they’re a little dirty, but, that’s when they’re at their best. Why do I love these two? Glad you asked. They are apocalypse warriors. They’re protective and they are caring. Neither are scared to get their hands dirty and they both will risk their lives for the people they love. When the zombie apocalypse comes, and it’s coming, I want to be around these two.

Jesus the walking dead

#3 Jesus

Yes, you read that right. Jesus. Yes, there’s a character on the show with that name. But, since I don’t feel comfortable saying, Jesus is hot, let’s call him J. J is a new character to the show and at first I thought he was the bad guy. Turns out, Mr. Sexy Eyes is on team good. Did I mention he’s part ninja? You have to watch the show to see what I mean.

Okay, when I say I love this show, I mean it. Therefore I don’t feel right leaving without sharing the other guys from the cast. I love them also.



#1 Mack: Agents of Shield.


His character is awesome. I’ve loved watching him grow and change into the leader he’s become. He’s dependable, he’s always there for Daisy, and when he cried when Hunter and Bobbie left… I almost cried. Oh and he’s sexy!

#2 Ichabod Crane: Sleepy Hollow

Despite the fact that I HATED how this season ended, I still absolutely adore Mr. Crane. First of all, he’s dreamy. He’s not just handsome, he’s dreamy. I loved his chemistry with Abbie Mills. I could listen to him talk all day long. No matter what’s in store for Sleepy Hollow, I will always be a fan of this guy.

#3 Lincoln from the 100:


I haven’t watched The 100 lately. But, my bestie has kept me updated on everything going on. So, yeah, I know what happens. However, I did watch season one and immediately fell in television love with Lincoln. I got two words for you, those eyes. Oh and two more, that chest.

You have to love these three! Not only are they sexy and handsome, they are also brave and loyal… a great combination. So, are these three part of your list? Leave a comment letting me know who your television boyfriends/girlfriends are.



#1 Dean Winchester

How can you not love Dean? He’s handsome, he can fight and he’s protective of those he loves. Plus, he loves pie just as much as I do.

#2 Sam Winchester

Sammy is super sexy. I have two words for you, that hair. I love his hair. I also love his shirtless scenes. He’s loyal to the cause and even more loyal to his brother. Love it.

#3 Castiel

Two words, that coat. He makes that coat look good. I love how clueless he is about earthly things and how close he is to Dean. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes.

Every week in April and the first week in May I will update this list adding three more of my own. May 7th, I’ll pick one random winner from the comments section. So, get to commenting.


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Scintillating Sunday

Naughty Dreams on a #ScintillatingSunday #HerDreamLover


Happy Scintillating Sunday!

Today I’m sharing eight paragraphs from my latest paranormal novel, Her Dream Lover. The story follows the lives of Brandi Connelly and Draken Barrand. Brandi is the new overnight ward clerk at the psychiatric hospital Draken is trapped in.

After being an unwilling patient in the hospital for years, imagine Draken’s surprise when he finds out his mate is now working there. Having thought he’d never have one, Draken is obsessed with learning more about her. What he learns makes him eager to claim her. But first, he has to break free of his cell. Enjoy this snippet.


“Do you miss him?” Draken asked her

Brandi shook her head. Surprised by the way he was staring at her. Boy was he jealous. Brandi wanted to reach out and touch him, to show him Nigel was definitely not the man she wanted to be with. “I don’t want Nigel and I don’t miss him. Good riddance to him.” She was rambling but she wanted to get her point across.

“Good,” He gazed down at her and when he licked his lips her breath caught in her throat, he was beautiful. She could stare into his dark eyes forever. “Do not fret over this Nigel. He does not deserve you. He wasn’t the man for you, trust me, your mate loves every inch of your body.”

His voice was so deep and sexy. She trembled as he held her captive with his gaze. “Thank you,” Brandi whispered, not knowing what else to say. Mate, what was a mate? Was he talking about pirates? Was she dreaming about a pirate? She was confused. Leave it to her to have a confusing dream.

“It pleases me that you are no longer with him.” He leaned closer to her.

“W-why does that please you?”

“Because it’s means I do not have to take his life in order to claim what is rightfully mine.” His words were cryptic and sort of scary, still they made her feel cherished. He would kill for her. Maybe she was dreaming about pirates. That would make her the beautiful sea siren. He rubbed his thumb over her lower lip and Brandi shuddered. Closing her eyes, she willed her dream lover to kiss her.

She felt him lean even closer to her. His breath caressed her cheek. Pressing his hand against her throat, he massaged the base of her neck. His long fingers trembled as if he was trying to hold himself back from ravishing her. He didn’t have to hold back. She wanted to be ravished. Please kiss me, I’m ready. She focused harder. Instead of kissing her like she prayed he would, he whispered in her ear with a voice that shook with desire. “It’s time to wake up. Someone’s coming.” And just like that… it was over. Brandi awakened just as Ryan, her co-worker came down the stairs.


Every time she closes her eyes he’s there…waiting for her.

Working night shift at a mental hospital was never Brandi Connelly’s dream job, but in order to pay her grandmother’s medical bills she’s willing to do whatever she has too. Her new job seems like a piece of cake, there is only one thing keeping her from enjoying it – Draken Barrand, a patient.

Thoughts of her patient haunt her night and day and she’s too embarrassed to tell anyone about the strange dreams she’s having about him. Partly because she’s afraid they will think she’s crazy…mostly because the things that go on while she’s sleeping make her blush.

As the nightly visions become all too real she’s afraid they’re not dreams at all. If these nightly fantasies are real, that means everything her dream lover has told her is real, which means that the little mating ritual she so excitedly participated in was real. Soon she will change into a demon and there is nothing she can do about it.

Claimed and marked, she now belongs to a creature of the night. There’s just one up side to this – he’s trapped behind the walls of a mental institution. That means she has time to figure out a way to stop the change… well she would’ve had time, if her mate hadn’t broken out of his cell.


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**Her Dream Lover is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.**


***Coming soon from Siren Allen: Her Alien Protector. Bk 1 of the Beasts From Beyond Series.


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