Sexy Scene from book 1 of the Fantasy Diary series #Paranormal #Romance #Erotic


Welcome to the last Sexy Scenes Saturday. I saved the best for last. Enjoy this excerpt from Christmas Fantasy. By the way, I am so in love with the hero, Devin Jordan. He tries so hard to be human and gentle. He’ll do whatever it takes to win his mate.



Caught up in the pleasure she was feeling, she didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Eyes closed, she pushed her finger deeper into her and moaned Devin’s name.

She removed her hand from her clit and brought it to her breast while pushing her fingers deeper into her body.

When the shower curtain was pulled open she stared into Devin’s eyes, her mouth wide open. She was caught.

Damn, damn, damn.

“Devin, I…” Embarrassed she didn’t know what to say.

When had he awakened?
Why hadn’t she heard him?

“Give me your hand, Alyssa.”

His voice was dark, deep, demanding.

“Why?” She asked warily as she lifted her hand from her breast.

“Not that hand,” he told her.

“But,” She could barely get the words out. “This hand is wet,” she said, speaking of the hand deep inside of her.

“I know.” His dark eyes drifted lower to where her hand was. “Give it to me.”

“Devin, I…”

“Either give me your hand or turn around and bend over.”

Oh my!

Alyssa slipped her fingers out of her body and slowly brought her hand closer to him.

Devin leaned forward.

He couldn’t really be about to do what she thought he was.

He was, he did.

Devin sucked her finger into his mouth.

Alyssa groaned and nearly came undone.

“Devin,” she whispered.

He closed his eyes and continued sucking her wetness from her fingers.

“Devin, I…”

What the hell was she trying to say?

“Alyssa, I need you.”

He spoke around her finger, not releasing it, his tongue teasing her flesh.
She needed him also. She ached so badly for his touch, but she was afraid still. Afraid of what he was, afraid of what he could do to her without even trying.

“I can be gentle, Alyssa.”

He grabbed her wrist and slipped her finger from his mouth.

“Let me show you.” He pressed a light kiss to her fingertip.



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