Guest post, giveaway&review: Wicked Fantasies by Siren Allen

Melinda De Ross

Happy Sunday, everyone! I know that’s how I started my last post as well, and only afterward did I realize it was Saturday! 😀 That’s because authors never really have days off, so to us a weekend means more time to write. And speaking of great prolific writers, today I finished reading Wicked Fantasies, the newest release by one of my favorite paranormal romance authors, Siren Allen. Wicked Fantasies is the third book in the Christmas Fantasies series, and you’ll find out why I loved this book so much in the review I posted below.

But first, here’s what the book is about:


One look was all it took.

Their eyes met and at that moment, she knew she’d have to kill him.
He’s Jackson Nolan, a playboy demon. She’s Tinsley Dubois, a demon-killing witch. Killing him should be easy. Problem is, there’s a chance he might be…

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