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The Dracon Mates are here. I hope you’re ready for book 1 and book 1.5 of this series!

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His touch melts the ice surrounding her heart.
Mya Leggett’s plan is simple: help a hurt dragon back to his castle and be rewarded for her efforts. Everyone knows dragons have treasures. Once she’s paid, she’ll use the money to pay off her and her twin sister’s debt. She hadn’t planned on being told she couldn’t leave the castle once she entered it.
She definitely hadn’t planned on learning that the wounded dragon she helped, was actually the alpha of all dragon shifters. To make matters worse, he thinks she’s his mate. Her… a vampire, a creature of the night who doesn’t believe in sex or love. How can she prove to a determined beast that she isn’t the female he needs?

Her touch makes him want to claim her in the most primitive way.
Zane Dracon’s plan is simple: bring his mate to his castle, then convince her to stay there, forever. He expected her to fall in love with him instantly. He’s the alpha, the most feared creature in Velahn, the strongest dragon that’s ever lived. He can protect and provide for her better than any other creature in Velahn.
Yet, she isn’t impressed with his strength and his fighting skills. It’s going to take more to win her over. However, he doesn’t know how to give her more. He knows how to fight. He knows how to protect. But, he doesn’t know how to love.
Will a vampire who’s never felt desire and a dragon who doesn’t know how to love be able to make it work? Find out in this naughty novella.

Mate of Ice is available for only 0.99!

US: http://amzn.to/2FFozvY

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Book 1.5, Mate of Fire is available for FREE in the Love Is Color anthology!


His touch awakened a part of her she never knew existed.
Kya Leggett’s mission is simple: save her twin sister from the fire-breathing bastards at the Dracon Castle. She hadn’t planned on having one of those bastards show interest in her. She definitely hadn’t planned on letting him touch her in ways that left her gasping for air. Is his interest in her legit? Or is it meant to distract her from what’s really going on at the castle of dragons?
From the second he laid eyes on her, Drax Dracon knew Kya belonged to him.
She’s everything he asked the Fates for: a passionate warrior female who is beautiful inside and out. Now, all he has to do is convince her that she belongs with him at the Dracon Castle. Will she accept him as her mate, or will his fire be too much for her to handle?


~A Peek Into The Book.~

Kissing was only the touching of lips. It was as insignificant as brushing against someone by mistake in the market. Or as basic as shaking hands. So, she’d thought. Kissing her dragon was much more than that.

His tongue teased her lips, coercing them open. Once they were parted, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Only one taste, and already she was addicted. Their tongues danced a dance as old as time, but new to her.

His hands fondled her body as his mouth made love to hers. The need inside her grew stronger with each passing second. She felt like she’d erupt soon if she didn’t get more of him, all of him.



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Mate Of Magic – Ciera’s story is coming 4/27/2018.

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