Yours, Forever Series – Coming soon

~Things are heating up at Franklin General Hospital!~

Coming Soon: Yours, For Now – Book 1 of the – Yours Forever Series.

Yours for Now 1800x2700

Whoever said a sexual relationship between two best friends couldn’t work out apparently had never met Preston and Elizabeth.

Or at least that was what Elizabeth thought until she found herself hopelessly in love with her best friend.

“Would you like to try BDSM with me?”

That was a question Elizabeth never should’ve asked Preston Lancaster. But she did. And she’s surprised when he agrees to it. He also agrees to be her submissive for two weeks– under one condition: she has to return the favor.

Her two weeks with Preston are the most erotic two weeks of her life. But when they are over, Elizabeth realizes her feelings for Preston are more than those of a friend. Yet, all he seems concerned about is the lust they have for one another. Fighting to keep her heart intact, she decides to let him go. She’s been through too much in her past to allow herself to be hurt again.

Preston isn’t giving up without a fight.

Dr. Preston Lancaster has craved Elizabeth since the moment he met her. When she surprises him with her BDSM suggestion, he feels like a kid on Christmas morning, and he’s ready to unwrap his present.

But when it’s his turn to take over for two weeks, Elizabeth has a change of heart and refuses to make good on her promise. He refuses to allow her to back out of their agreement. Now that he’s had a taste of her, he can’t imagine his life without her.

He’s determined to have his two weeks of dominance. However, he’s no longer fighting for just two weeks, he’s now fighting for… forever. And for his kind, forever is literal.

Can Preston convince her that her heart is safe with him? Or will two weeks be all he ever has?

~Yours Forever Series Coming Soon.~

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