The Menage Club


Book Blurb:

Tired of her good girl image, Lily Parks is determined to let her wildest fantasies free, even if it is just for one night. She plans a night of seduction – the only thing missing is her ex-husband Charles and his lover, Paul. She wants them both and she knows just how to get them.

Charles Henderson is surprised when he receives a call from his ex-wife inviting him and his partner to Christmas dinner, but he can’t deny that her threesome idea is the greatest Christmas present ever. After one night of ecstasy with the two people he loves, he’s determined to make this arrangement permanent.

Can the three of them make this love triangle work, or will jealousy destroy the attraction they all feel for one another?


Lily Parks: I’ve never done anything remotely naughty in my life. That’s probably why my husband left me. I have to admit that I was a pretty horrible wife. I nagged a lot and I demanded so much from him, yet I gave him nothing in return. On cold nights he would want to snuggle up with me and I would push him away. After we divorced I realized how much I really loved and missed my husband. My ex-husband has moved on, he’s now dating a man, Paul. I want my husband back, but he doesn’t have to leave Paul to be with me. I want them both, and I plan to have them both.

Charles Henderson: The decision to divorce my wife was a very hard decision to make. I mean, I still love her and I miss her…everyday. But I’m not the man for her. Everything I do upsets her. She recoils from my touch and always frowns in distaste when I try to kiss her. Though I’ve left, a part of my heart is still with her. Imagine my surprise when I got a voicemail from her inviting me and my lover to dinner. Her threesome idea left me speechless…and hard as a rock.

Paul Mackey: I love Charles but I know that he still loves his ex-wife. I understand that they have a deep bond that I will never be able to compete with. If he decides to leave me and be with her I will be okay with that, because I want him to be happy. Now that I know Lily wants us both, I’m elated. But I sort of feel like the third wheel. I hope this new arrangement works out; only time will tell.
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“Where are the other chairs?” Charles asked when he entered the kitchen.

“There are only three of us tonight, so we only need three chairs,” Lily told him. He raised his eyebrow but said nothing as he sat in the chair across from her.

“Can you pour me a glass of champagne before you sit down, Paul?” Lily asked her ex-husband’s lover.

Paul was in the middle of sitting down beside Charles when Lily popped her question. He froze, looking from Charles to Lily.

“Uh, sure,” Paul said. “You want some more, buddy?”

“Yeah, whatever,” Charles responded.

Lily smiled. Charles was uncomfortable, she liked that. “If you want something stronger I have vodka in the cabinet. You forgot to take it with you when you left.”

Paul filled her glass with champagne then sat down. Charles stood up and walked over to the cabinet, pulling a bottle of Grey Goose out. He filled his wine glass with the clear liquid. Lily smiled as he drank it down with one gulp then refilled the glass. At this rate he would be drunk before they even began.

Lily stood up and walked over to the stove. “Let me serve you two.”

Behind her both men coughed, choking on their beverages. Lily took the lid off the pot containing the dressing.

“It smells good Lily, thanks for having us over.” Charles voice sounded a bit strained but not strained enough.

“You’re welcome.” Lily walked over to her ex and bent over him to pick up his plate. Her breasts were right in his face, her ass right in Paul’s face. She picked up the plate and took it to the counter and began filling it with dressing, turkey, greens and candied yams.

She carried Charles his plate. “Enjoy,” she whispered before picking up Paul’s plate and filling it. When she was done serving both men she returned to her seat and began to drink from her glass.

“You’re not going to eat?” Charles asked around a mouthful of food.

Soon his mouth would be full of her. Lily shivered, and both men stopped eating. They stared at her.

“If I don’t watch this figure, no one will,” Lily told them. She took another sip of her drink, enjoying the way she had them squirming in their seats.

This whole seduction thing was easier than she thought. Lily licked her lips. Paul swallowed. Charles stared down into his plate. If Lily wanted a threesome she was going to have to make the first move.

“You two should hurry up with your dinner, I have a present for the two of you in my bedroom.”

Lily stood up. She pushed her chair under the table and grabbed her glass.

“I’ll be waiting,” she whispered before she turned and sashayed away. Her whole body trembled with nervousness. She’d done her part, she’d put the offer on the table. It was now up to them to pick it up and run with it.


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~The next book in this steamy series is coming soon.~

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