Siren’s Premade eBook Covers

sirens premade banner

Premade eBook covers for only $25.00- $75.00.
Each cover comes with a premade banner. You tell me what you want the covers and the banner to say.

To request a cover, email me at
-Subject: The title of the cover you’re looking for. Example: Premade 1.
-Let me know what title, tagline, and author name you’d like added to the cover.
Payment accepted via PayPal only:

☆DPM #1 – $25.00☆
Bare Female Body With Red Bow

☆Premade 1 – $40.00☆

pm car prom look ir purple blur

☆Premade 2 – $30.00☆

pm ir blur former beach ring

☆Premade 3 – $35.00☆

pm soldier graystone blank red

☆Premade 4 – $35.00☆

premade 4

☆Premade 5 – $40.00☆

pm 5

☆Premade 6 – $30.00☆

Couple Resting Outdoors

PM: Let It Burn. ($25.00)

premade new 1

PM – The Queen’s Guard
Price: $40.00
PM-The Queen's Guard 50

PM – The Gate’s Protector
Price: $40.00

Fantasy Landscape

More premade covers coming soon.
Siren’s Premades on Social Media –
I’ll also share them on twitter.
Follow the hashtag, #SirensPremades to see those covers.

Welcome to my world, a haven for the naughty.

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