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Sexy Scene from book 1 of the Fantasy Diary series #Paranormal #Romance #Erotic


Welcome to the last Sexy Scenes Saturday. I saved the best for last. Enjoy this excerpt from Christmas Fantasy. By the way, I am so in love with the hero, Devin Jordan. He tries so hard to be human and gentle. He’ll do whatever it takes to win his mate.



Caught up in the pleasure she was feeling, she didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Eyes closed, she pushed her finger deeper into her and moaned Devin’s name.

She removed her hand from her clit and brought it to her breast while pushing her fingers deeper into her body.

When the shower curtain was pulled open she stared into Devin’s eyes, her mouth wide open. She was caught.

Damn, damn, damn.

“Devin, I…” Embarrassed she didn’t know what to say.

When had he awakened?
Why hadn’t she heard him?

“Give me your hand, Alyssa.”

His voice was dark, deep, demanding.

“Why?” She asked warily as she lifted her hand from her breast.

“Not that hand,” he told her.

“But,” She could barely get the words out. “This hand is wet,” she said, speaking of the hand deep inside of her.

“I know.” His dark eyes drifted lower to where her hand was. “Give it to me.”

“Devin, I…”

“Either give me your hand or turn around and bend over.”

Oh my!

Alyssa slipped her fingers out of her body and slowly brought her hand closer to him.

Devin leaned forward.

He couldn’t really be about to do what she thought he was.

He was, he did.

Devin sucked her finger into his mouth.

Alyssa groaned and nearly came undone.

“Devin,” she whispered.

He closed his eyes and continued sucking her wetness from her fingers.

“Devin, I…”

What the hell was she trying to say?

“Alyssa, I need you.”

He spoke around her finger, not releasing it, his tongue teasing her flesh.
She needed him also. She ached so badly for his touch, but she was afraid still. Afraid of what he was, afraid of what he could do to her without even trying.

“I can be gentle, Alyssa.”

He grabbed her wrist and slipped her finger from his mouth.

“Let me show you.” He pressed a light kiss to her fingertip.



My new release, SILVER, will be available in September.

The first two books in the Fantasy Diary series is available now. The third book, Wicked Fantasies will be available in time for Valentine’s day.

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Girl Talk Saturday, RomCom

#SexyScene from book 1 of ‘Bailey’s Chaotic Life’ #RomCom #Chicklit


Happy Saturday!

Welcome to the third week of sexy scenes. Today I’m sharing a scene from my romantic comedy, Christmas Confusion. Yes, it’s centered around the holidays, but trust me, this is a funny love story that can be enjoyed any time of the year. 🙂


“Do you know what a lover is, Bailey?”

Of course she knew what a lover was. Was he trying to make a joke out of all of this because he knew she was a virgin?

“Just because I’ve never had one, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what a lover is.”

“Tell me what a lover is then,” Max challenged her.

She was not falling into that trap. Bailey shook her head.

“Well, I will tell you what a lover is. A lover is someone who can make you smile and blush at the same time with just the slightest touch.”

Max released Bailey’s hands and pushed himself up off of her. With his hands still on either side of her head, Bailey couldn’t move her hands without touching him so she left them where they were above her head.

“A lover,” Max continued, “kisses you in places other than your lips.”

Bailey shuddered as Max leaned closer to her as if he was going to kiss her.

“Let me rephrase that. A lover kisses you in places other than the lips you talk with,” he said.

Bailey quivered in places other than the lips that she talked with. Her thoughts were chaotic. She should be mad, not stimulated by his words.

“A lover,” Max pressed his lips against the curve of her neck, “can arouse you with simple touches that leave you breathless.”

Bailey gasped, needing air. She felt Max smile against her neck. He was enjoying torturing her and if she was honest with herself, she would admit that she was enjoying it too. Who knew being kidnapped could bring so much pleasure?

“You feel so good.” He whispered against her skin and she shivered.


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~Coming in September: Silver – BK 1 of the Beastly Bites Series.~

Beastly Bites, Beasts From Beyond

Sneak peek into SILVER. #SirenScifi #bwwm #Scifi


“Malia you don’t have to be afraid of me. I would never hurt you.”

“So you say. But I don’t even know what you are or where you’re from. You could be wanted for murder in another galaxy and I wouldn’t know it.” He tensed, it was subtle, but noticeable. She’d struck a nerve. “You show up at my diner out of nowhere, asking me ridiculous questions and then you all of a sudden want to work for me. Can you see why I’m wary?”

He opened his mouth then closed it, only to open it again but slowly shut it. The next time he opened it he actually spoke, “I can see why you’re wary.” He looked to her diner. “You’re a female, working alone, leaving your facility alone at late hours. You should be wary. I have approached this wrong. Forgive me, this is all new to me.”

“What do you mean?”

He turned to her once more. “No more lies. I am not homeless. I am not fundless. I simply wanted to meet you and get to know you with the hopes of establishing a relationship. I’ve never tried to establish a relationship with anyone. I don’t know how to… uh…”


“That. I don’t know how to do that. Instead of causing you to want me the way I want you, I’ve made you feel sorry for me, even fear me. You was supposed to feel what I felt, or at least, I thought you would. I thought you would sense our connection instantly. I was wrong.”

Malia massaged her forehead. He was confusing the hell out of her. “Back up a second.”

Silver took a step back.

“I didn’t mean literally. Back up your story to the part where you said you wasn’t homeless.”

“I’m not homeless.”

Malia waited on him to say more. When he didn’t, she raised her eyebrows in question.

“What?” he shrugged. “I backed up to the I’m not homeless part.”

Malia laughed, barely believing she was spending her waning discussing this behind her diner. “If you’re not homeless, what are you doing wandering around the Outlands night after night?”

“I wanted to be near you.”

Blush still in place, she said, “It’s not safe out here.”

“And yet you close up every night by yourself.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve lived here all my life. The so called ‘rebels’ know me.”

“I have encountered your rebels. They do not frighten me.”

“Does anything frighten you?”

“Losing you.”

OMG. “You don’t have me.”

“I will, soon.”

A chill raced down her spine at his declaration. “Excuse me?”

“I didn’t say that to scare you.”

“And yet it did.” Malia opened the door to her rover. She half expected him to prevent her from sliding inside. He didn’t, just stood there staring at her with those silver eyes she would see in her dreams tonight.

“I’m still doing this wrong. I guess this means I’m fired?” He asked.

Yes, but surely he already knew that. She rolled her window down a fraction, then stuck her hand out. “Take the funds Silver, you earned it.”

He shook his head.

“Please. I really needed your help today and you did a great job.
Take the funds. I’ll feel bad if you don’t.”

He gave her a sad smile then stepped back. “I never wanted the currency.”

“Silver please.”

“See you soon, Malia.”

With that said he disappeared and she still had no idea what he was. She also had no intention of ever seeing him again.


Silver is a fast paced, sensual Sci-fi Romance that will be available in September.

The book that started this spin-off is available now.

Her Alien Protector: Sci-fi Romance
Falling in love with a prisoner was against the rules.

So why was Lark allowing herself to get close to Raynor? He was domineering, cocky and much too handsome for his own good. Though her mind found him unbearable, her body was ready to endure anything he could deliver. However, inside of him lived a darkness unlike anything she’d ever witnessed. If the rumors were true, that darkness would consume any and everyone in its path. Lark was going to try her best to stay out of his way.

They called him The Destroyer.

Raynor Batiste was many things: a monster, a killer, one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy. He was a beast whose name sent shudders through his enemies. However, a prisoner he was not. He’d only allowed himself to be captured so he could get close to his mate, Lark Valdese.

That task was proving harder than he’d anticipated. Lark is afraid of what lives inside of him, and she should be. Yet, when her planet comes under attack, the evil lurking within him may be the only thing that can save her and her people. He’s willing to protect her planet, but his aid comes at a price, a price only Lark can pay.

Will Beauty give in to the Beast in order to save her world? Or is he a greater threat than her enemies?

Silhouette Of A Strong Fighter

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Girl Talk Saturday, The Darkest Legion

#SexyScene From ‘Her Dream Lover’ #Paranormal


Happy Saturday!
Continuing with the sexy scene theme, today I’m sharing a bit of naughtiness from my paranormal romance, Her Dream Lover. Enjoy!


“You’re so beautiful,” he told her. She shook her head, not agreeing with his observation.

Her expression turned sad. “Once you start meeting other women, you’ll realize that I’m not beautiful.”

“Why would I meet other women?” Draken frowned. “I only have eyes for you and what I see pleases me.”

He could hear her heart rate accelerating. Even though she’d spoken of leaving him earlier he knew her body wanted to stay with him. Her body recognized him, needed him. If sex was what it took to keep her with him, he would give her all the sex she could handle.

Draken joined her on the bed. He lay beside her, not touching her, simply taking in her beauty. He’d thought her beautiful in dreamland. In reality, she left him speechless. Everything about her appealed to him. His mate was perfect. How did he become so blessed?

“One weekend,” she reminded him.

“Are you reminding me because you’re in a hurry for this to be over or are you eager for me to touch you?”

His question embarrassed her. He could tell from the beautiful blush creeping into her cheeks. She closed her eyes, but a smile spread across her face.

“I’m eager,” she admitted.

His beast pawed at his chest, wanting to be released. Draken pushed back, needing this to be between him and her only… this time. Later their demons could play. Her admission thrilled him.

“I’m eager also,” he told her. “There are so many things I want to do to you. So many things I want you to do to me.” Her moan brought a smile to his lips. “I fantasize about you every day,” he confessed before kissing her softly on her lips.

“I-I fantasize about you too,” she admitted.

“What kind of fantasies?” Draken rubbed his thumb over her lips.
They were so red, so ripe for kissing.

“All kinds.”

“Tell me one.”

Eyes still closed, Brandi shook her head.

“Just one,” he begged. “If you share one of your fantasies with me,
I will share one of mine with you.”

She bit her lip as she gave his suggestion some thought.

“Okay,” she swallowed as he trailed his finger up and down her arm, waiting on her to say something.


“Okay,” she said again. “After I first saw you, I began wondering how it would feel to have your lips on me.”

He’d wondered the same thing the moment he caught whiff of her scent. “You wanted my lips on you?”

She nodded.


“Everywhere,” she answered.

“Did you want my lips here?” He kissed her nose.

Brandi laughed. “No,” she said, still smiling.

“Did you want them here?” he kissed her on her forehead causing her to laugh even louder.

“Draken,” she grinned.

“What?” He asked innocently. “You said everywhere.”

“You know what I mean.”

“No I don’t.” He really didn’t. “Everywhere means everywhere.” He needed the specifics, to make sure he pleased her right.

“I wanted your lips on certain places,” she spoke softly.

“Where?” He asked again. He wasn’t going to let up. “Show me.”

Her signature blush crept up her neck spilling into her cheeks. He thought she was going to laugh and ignore the question, but she surprised him by lifting her hand. He watched, mesmerized, as she slowly rubbed her hand down her body.

He was so hard, his cock ached. Her hand continued moving south. His mouth began to water. She stopped once she reached her center. Her fingers hovered over her clit.

“There,” she whispered.

“Where?” He croaked.

“There,” she said again, still not touching her flesh.

“Show me Brandi. Touch it. Show me what you do when you fantasize about me.”


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Her Dream Lover is available on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

~Coming in September: Silver – BK 1 of the Beastly Bites Series.~

Beastly Bites, Beasts From Beyond, Works in Progress

The Beasts Are Coming #CoverReveal #SexyScenes #Scifi


Happy Saturday and welcome to Sexy Scenes Saturday. BUT, before we get to that, I am pleased to reveal to you the cover of my latest work, Silver.


All Malia Valdese wants to do is survive in the Outlands and serve food to the patrons of her diner. She doesn’t want anything to do with the handsome silver-eyed stranger who keeps showing up after closing time, asking her weird questions and making her feel something she hasn’t felt in years, desire.

She doesn’t care that he’s the sexiest male she’s ever seen or that he stares at her like she’s the main course. Steering clear of him is her plan. Well, it was the plan, before he turned her world upside down with four words…. You’re coming with me.
Apparently she has no say in the matter.

She’s not on the menu. But she’s what he hungers for.
Her scent tells him she’s his and the WANTED pictures popping up all over the dark-net tells him he needs to lay low for a while. Having her next to him in bed while he tries to clear his name is the plan. Unfortunately, his enemies are closer than he thought and now they’ve found his weakness…. her.

Can he shield his mate from the consequences of his dark past? Or will she flee to his enemies to escape him and the intense emotions he stirs inside of her?


Silver will be available in September!

Now it’s time for a sexy scene from the book that started it all, Her Alien Protector, bk 1 of the Beasts From Beyond series. This scene is rated R. You’ve been warned. 🙂


“Watch me,” he growled.

Stars, he sounded sexy. Lark opened her eyes as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. He suckled her breast while his hand crept lower and massaged her clit. Her hips rose and fell as she rubbed herself against his thumb.
Arching her back, she brought her breasts closer to his mouth. He switched sides, suckling the other nipple just as greedily as he’d done the first.

His tongue flicked faster and so did the finger at her core. The finger at her center kept up its frenzied pace as Raynor pressed kisses down her body, making an erotic trail from her breasts to her navel where his tongue dipped inside and then lower until he was once again resting between her legs, his face hovering over her p*ssy.

“Mine,” he growled before diving in, face first.

Her Alien Protector is available on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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