#MadlyInLust with Celeste and Rip from Into The Darkness. #MarchMadness


Are you ready for some March Madness? No, I’m not talking about basketball. I’m talking about Siren’s ‘Madly In Lust In March Blog Posts’. All month long, I’m sharing naughty excerpts from my novels and novellas. First up, an excerpt from my dirty fairy tale, Into The Darkness.

Castle in the swamp.

Once Upon A Time…

There lived a witch by the name of Celeste Dubois, who was tired of her sister witches disturbing her eternal slumber with their cries. Lately, they all called out to her with the same plea, ‘stop Rip Van Warren, the witch hunter’. Unable to ignore their cries, she lures Rip into her world, where she keeps him as her prisoner for twenty years. She had every intention of torturing him for those twenty years. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

For twenty years Rip Van Warren is held captive by a beautiful bayou witch. He should hate her. However, their time together has made him rethink his vendetta against witches. All of his life he thought magic was evil. Celeste has taught him that it’s a gift to be treasured, almost as much as he treasures her.

When an unexpected threat enters their lives, Celeste is forced to send him back to his own world in order to protect him. He awakens in the middle of the swamp, confused and dazed. His memories of the last twenty years are foggy. Yet, there’s one person he’ll never forget, the witch he left behind. He’s desperately seeking a way back to her. However, the witches of New Orleans aren’t willing to help a famous witch hunter.

Will the dark witch and the dark hunter have their happily ever after?
Or will he return too late to save the witch he loves?

Beautiful african woman in the studio

“Why did you summon me again?”
“I simply need a massage,” she told him.
“A massage? That’s all you want?”
“Of course. What else would I want?”
Her breath froze in her lungs.
“Witch, I’m tired of pretending there’s nothing between us but hate,” he told her. “That shit is getting old. And I’m tired of jacking off while thinking of you.”
“We’re enemies, remember?”
“Yeah, but even that is starting to seem pointless.”
“You stole power from my witches.”
“I did it to protect others.”
“You killed some of my witches.”
“Yeah, and think of all the people I may have saved from them.”
“You’re ruthless.”
“So are you.”
“You’re heartless.”
“So are you.”
“Not true. I have a heart. I’ve just never had a reason to use it.”
“Same here. Until now.”
Until now? “What does that mean?”
“What do you think it means?”
She didn’t want to think about it. She didn’t dare hope it meant what she wanted it to mean.
“I think I need a massage,” Celeste told him. “Now.”
He sighed. “Yes, your highness. Whatever you want, your highness. Would you like me to massage you through your robe or would you like a towel to cover you up?”
Celeste took a deep breath. “Neither.” She stood up, back to him and shrugged out of her robe. Naked, she laid back on the bed, not missing his sudden intake of breath. “I’m ready now.”
“You’re trying to kill me.”
“No, that was last week.”
He burst out laughing. “You got jokes.”
She smiled, almost forgetting she was lying naked in front of her prisoner. “The massage lotion is on the table.”
She could hear him moving around behind her.
“You ready?” He asked.
Celeste nodded.
“Use your words.”
She could hear the laughter in his voice.
“Yes, hunter. I’m ready.”
“Good girl.”
“Keep it up, and tomorrow I’ll send you to the dungeon without dinner.”
“No, not that. Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday.”
Celeste burst out laughing. She couldn’t recall the last time she’d laughed so hard. All thought of laughter evaporated the moment his hands touched her skin.
“Your body is warm,” he told her.
What was she supposed to say to that? He rubbed the lotion into her skin then proceeded to massage her.
“You’re tense. It must be hard work protecting the bayou witches?”
“Not so much, since you’re not there hunting them.”
“Why are you tense then?”
“Because now you’re here, haunting my dreams.” Shit. She hadn’t meant to reveal that truth.
His hands stilled. “You dream about me?”
“You just said…”
“More massaging and less talking.”
“I can multitask,” he told her as his hands resumed rubbing her. “So, you dream about me, huh?”
She ignored his question.
“In your dreams, am I prince charming, rolling up to your tower window to ask you to let down your hair and then I save you from the evil witch?”
Celeste smiled, but still ignored him.
“Or am I the prince who kisses you and awakens you from a magic induced slumber and saves you from the evil witch?”
Celeste suppressed a giggle.
“Oh, I know,” he said as he massaged her legs. “I’m the prince who rescues you from the wicked witch who sent a tornado to kidnap you and your dog.”
Celeste couldn’t hold her giggle in. “Do I really look like a damsel in distress who would need saving?”
His hands moved slower over her legs. “No.”
“I guess that makes me the prince who takes care of you in other ways.”
“What other ways?”
“Well, if you don’t need a prince for protection, you must need a prince for different reasons.” His hands rubbed over her thighs, inching higher.
“Or, maybe you don’t need a prince at all,” he told her. “Perhaps you need something else entirely.” His hands brushed against her center, sending waves of pleasure over her flesh. “Perhaps you need someone just as dark as you are.”
His finger found her clit and began rubbing, first gently then he applied more pressure and she could barely contain her moans.
“Perhaps you need someone ruthless, someone whose just as scarred by life as you are.”
How did he know? Celeste shivered when he slipped a finger inside of her. He leaned forward, and whispered in her ear. “I know what you need witch. Because I need the same thing.” His finger pushed into her more forcefully.
She gripped the sheets as he pleasured her. He continued whispering into her ear as his fingers worked their magic.
“You make me feel,” he told her. “I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but you do. And damn it, I like it.”
So did she. Celeste ground her hips, causing his finger to slip deeper into her.
“You make me want things I’m not supposed to want,” he whispered.
“L-like what?” She was so close to coming.
“Like forever.”
That was not the answer she’d expected. But it pushed her over the edge. Celeste screamed his name as she came all over his fingers. Gasping for air, she turned to stare at him, only to find him licking his fingers clean. Damn, that was sexy.
“The next time you come, it’ll be on my cock.”
Celeste stared into his eyes and saw the same longing she saw whenever she looked into the mirror. They were alike in so many ways. If she kept this up, she’d start needing him. She didn’t want to need anyone. She wasn’t supposed to need anyone. Her power was all she needed.
“I want you, Celeste.”
She shook her head.


Into The Darkness is available on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071P4SSH4

New Year’s Resolutions W/Siren And The Characters From A Witch For Christmas. #PNR #SirenChat #IRromance


Happy 2018!
A new year means new resolutions. Today, I’m sharing a few of my resolutions and I’m allowing the characters from my holiday paranormal romance, A Witch For Christmas, to share their resolutions with you. (The two of them don’t get along. You’ve been warned.) Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what your 2018 resolutions/goals are.

Every year, I make the same resolution: Lose weight. Do I ever follow through? Nope. Never. Ever. Not even once. I start off great. Then I add in so many cheat days that I should be on the show Cheaters.

This year, I’m switching things up. My goal is to be healthier. No more dieting. No more counting calories. No more feeling guilty when I eat a hamburger. I just want to be healthier.

What does that mean for me? It means less sugary treats. (Hi, my name is Siren and I’m addicted to chocolate.) I plan to cook more. (I hate cooking.) By cooking more, I control what goes into my body, instead of letting fast food joints have that honor. (Sorry, Ronald McDonald, but I’m breaking up with you.)

I love veggies. This year, my goal is to eat more of them. Same thing with fruits. I still plan to eat chocolate. Just not every day. (No more morning toast with Nutella.) I also plan to workout. I love to dance. So, I’ll be doing some dance workout videos. (I’m too old to twerk, but I can pop, lock and drop it.)

Oh, besides living a healthier life, I also plan to vacay more. Sounds fun and easy. It’s not. Especially if you’re a workaholic like me. But, life is short. I need to spend more time with my family and enjoy life. Last resolution, talk to God more. It’s so easy to pray when things are going bad. But, when things are going good, you sometimes forget whose responsible.

There you have it, those are my resolutions for 2018. Next up, Tiana and Vic from A Witch For Christmas.

A Witch For Christmasnew

Tiana: My resolution is simple. I want to pass my final Guardian test. To pass the test, I have to protect Victor Wynfell for an entire week.
Vic: Good luck with that.
Tiana: He isn’t going to make it easy for me.
Vic: Damn straight.
Tiana: For some reason, he hates me.
Vic: I don’t hate you.
Tiana: Really? Your forbid me from ever stepping foot on your territory.
Vic: Yet, here you are.
Tiana: I’m a rebel like that. Plus, I have to be here. I have to guard you in order to pass my test.
Vic: I’m pretty sure you’re going to fail. In fact, I plan to get into more fights this week. I also plan to break more pack laws, just to make sure you fail.
Tiana: Are you serious? Don’t be a jerk, Vic. What do I have to do to make you behave for just one week?
Vic: There’s one thing you can do. It requires blindfolds and handcuffs.
Tiana: Vic, that’s blackmail.
Vic: No, that’s negotiating. You want something from me and I want something from you.
Tiana: Forget this, I’m out. You can continue the interview by yourself. Ugh, you get on my damn nerves. Idiot! I’m telling Siren.
Vic: Now that she’s gone, I can tell you my resolution. I plan to make Tiana Cooper mine. I just have to find a way to make her stop hating me. It would probably help if I stopped being a jerk. That’s my other resolution, to stop being a jerk. I wasn’t lying about the handcuffs and blindfolds though. The animal inside of me needs to be in control, it needs to dominate. And we can’t wait to dominate Tiana Cooper in the bedroom. Wish me luck!


She’s a witch on a mission.
Tiana Cooper has made it through her Guardian trials and now it’s time for her to receive her Guardian tattoo. First, she has to complete one final test to prove she can handle protecting any charge who’s placed into her care. Unfortunately, the council sticks her with Victor Wynfell, a shifter who hates witches. The only thing he hates more than witches is her.
All she has to do is keep the brooding shifter safe and out of trouble for seven days and she’ll pass her test. But luck isn’t on her side. Victor finds out she’s been appointed as his Guardian and is now hell bent on making her fail. Keeping a dangerously sexy shifter safe isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Perhaps it’s going to take more than magic to get the job done.

He’s a shifter carrying a grudge.
Victor Wynfell has been in love with Tiana since they were teens. But, she chose another shifter over him, leaving him with a broken heart and wounded pride. Now that the tables are turned and she needs him, he’s determined to show her how being rejected feels. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her fail.
Even if that means getting into more fights than usual and disobeying pack rules.
With his pack currently under attack from unknown outside sources, it’s easy for him to find trouble to get into. But, watching Tiana fail isn’t making him as happy as he thought it would. Realizing his carelessness is placing her in danger, he changes tactics. He’ll help her, but he wants something in return.

If she wants to pass her test, she’s going to have to play by his rules.
And his rules involve handcuffs, blindfolds and maybe a happy ever after neither of them saw coming.


“I need to heal you.” Tiana slowly made her way over to him.
“Heal me? I think I’m in better shape than you are. You’re moving like you’re hurt.”
“There’s always a price to pay when you seek help from Mother Nature.”
She stepped over bodies in her attempt to get to him. He did the same as he made his way over to her. They met somewhere in the middle, both wincing from the pain caused by moving the small distance that separated them.
“Your eyes,” she whispered.
“You’re trembling,” he told her.
“It’s going to take my body a while to get back up to its normal temperature.”
Vic stared around the bar. “You knocked them all out?”
Tiana pushed her hair, that had come loose, out of her face as she surveyed their surroundings. “I did.”
“At what price?”
Her eyes met his. Staring up at him made her dizzy. She swayed. Her hands gripped his shirt to keep from falling. But there was no chance of her hitting the ground. His arms had instantly wrapped around her.
Pressed against him was that last place she wanted to be. Yet, she was unable to move. She didn’t want to move. And it seemed he didn’t want her to move. Proof of that was currently pressed against her.
Hello erection. Nice to meet you, my name is Tiana. How you doing? Standing completely still, she unashamedly enjoyed the feel of his cock pressed against her. He didn’t acknowledge it, so neither did she.
But they both knew it was there. There was no way something that big could go unnoticed. Yeah, she was hurt, but she’d have to be dead to not notice that. Tiana cleared her throat… a nervous habit.
“Thanks, I almost fell.”
“I wouldn’t have let that happen.”
Was his voice deeper than before or was she imagining it?
“I guess I won’t be teleporting us back to the jag territory.”
“I don’t mind walking. And I don’t mind carrying you.”
Whoa. She knew she should step away. But he felt so warm. And though this bar smelled like piss and shit, he smelled good. Whatever cologne he wore, she needed to get a bottle of it to take home with her and spray on her pillows.
Okay, now she was thinking like a stalker. Tiana tried to step back. Not only did Vic not release her, but he tightened his arms around her. And she could’ve sworn she heard a low growl rumble through his chest.
“We should get out of here before they wake up,” she whispered.
“We should.”
That was all he said. He made no move to leave. There was that low growl again. Or was that his animal purring? How cute. Scratch that. How sexy. She’d never heard a jaguar purr. Purring aside, they really needed to leave.
Out the corner of her eye, she saw a shifter flinch. They wouldn’t remain stunned forever. She attempted to pull away again, but one couldn’t pull away from a shifter who wasn’t ready to let you go. She’d dwell on how that made her feel later.
“Seriously, Vic, they are starting…”
“Why did you help me, Tiana?”
Whoa, he called her by her name instead of witch. “Huh?”
“You used a spell you knew would make you weak. Why would you do that for me? You don’t even like me, right?”
“Right.” His grip eased up a little. “But you’re my charge,” she hurried and said. His grip eased up a little more. “Plus, you’re Colin’s cousin.” He released her.
“You’re right, we should go.” That longing look she’d seen in his eyes moments ago was gone. Now, he looked like the pissed off jag she knew and hated. Or, did she hate him?
“Look, Vic, I don’t know what you wanted me to say,” she yelled to his retreating form.
“I want you to say you’re strong enough to walk back to Wynfell. Let’s go witch.”
So, they were back to that.


US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078LX23SN
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078LX23SN
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078LX23SN


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New Release: A Witch For Christmas. #MerryChristmas #PNR #BwwmBooks


Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa gifted you with everything you wanted this year. And for those who made the naughty list… there’s always next year! After you finish opening presents and spending time with the family, you’ll need some alone time to enjoy a naughty holiday romance.

And my paranormal romance, A Witch For Christmas, is the perfect book to curl up with this Christmas. Today, the characters from that romance is going to share with you three items off their Christmas wish list. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

A Witch For Christmasnew

Tiana: This Christmas, I just want to pass my Guardian exam and get my Guardian tattoo. But, if I must to choose two more wishes, I guess I can wish for a new car. And maybe a sexy shifter to wake up to on Christmas morning. There’s one who I really like, but he’s the moodiest shifter I’ve ever met. His name is Vic. He’s sexy, but arrogant. Strong, but moody. And the dreams I have about him are definitely going to get me onto Santa’s naughty list!

Victor: I don’t really do Christmas. I don’t decorate. I don’t buy presents. I just like to be left alone. But, if I have to wish for something, there’s only one thing that will make me happy. Having a curvy witch underneath me on Christmas morning. There’s only one witch who can fulfil that wish. But she and I don’t get along. It’ll take a Christmas miracle to get us together. And I don’t believe in miracles.


She’s a witch on a mission.
Tiana Cooper has made it through her Guardian trials and now it’s time for her to receive her Guardian tattoo. First, she has to complete one final test to prove she can handle protecting any charge who’s placed into her care. Unfortunately, the council sticks her with Victor Wynfell, a shifter who hates witches. The only thing he hates more than witches is her.
All she has to do is keep the brooding shifter safe and out of trouble for seven days and she’ll pass her test. But, luck isn’t on her side. Victor finds out she’s been appointed as his Guardian and is now hell bent on making her fail. Keeping a dangerously sexy shifter safe isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Perhaps it’s going to take more than magic to get the job done.

He’s a shifter carrying a grudge.
Victor Wynfell has been in love with Tiana since they were teens. But, she chose another shifter over him, leaving him with a broken heart and wounded pride. Now that the tables are turned and she needs him, he’s determined to show her how being rejected feels. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her fail.
Even if that means getting into more fights than usual and disobeying pack rules. With his pack currently under attack from unknown outside sources, it’s easy for him to find trouble to get into. But, watching Tiana fail isn’t making him as happy as he thought it would. Realizing his carelessness is placing her in danger, he changes tactics. He’ll help her, but he wants something in return.

If she wants to pass her test, she’s going to have to play by his rules.
And his rules involve handcuffs, blindfolds and maybe a happy ever after neither of them saw coming.


Next to the chair was a pair of boots. On top of the pile of clothes was some black boxers. Someone was in the pond. And whoever it was, they were naked. Her stupid pulse quickened at the thought of seeing Victor naked.
Her heart almost thumped out of her chest when his head broke through the water. It really was him out there. His head jerked in her direction. For a second, she almost thought he could see her.
She was cloaked. No one, other than another witch from her coven, could see her. So why was he staring directly at her? Her first response was to retreat. She forced herself to remain where she was.
And she was glad she did, because he turned away and stared up at the night sky. She followed his gaze. The sky was clear. Stars twinkled down at them. The moon was… full. Her gaze scanned the surroundings.
No wonder it was so quiet. The shifters had gone to lower ground. Right now, they were probably out hunting in their jaguar form. That was something Colin told her they did every full moon. A few stayed behind to protect the territory.
Her gaze jerked back to the pond. Apparently, Victor was on protective duty this full moon. His head had disappeared once more under the water. When he arose again, he stared in her direction.
He shook his head and then dove back under the water. A tingle raced down her spine. Did he sense her here? She sniffed herself. Sure, she was wearing perfume, but she was cloaked.
He shouldn’t be able to smell or see her. She leaned against a tree. He couldn’t see her. She was just nervous. He wasn’t looking at her, he was looking at his territory, protecting it. Like he was supposed to.
He began swimming back to land. She braced herself for what she was about to see. She’d always wondered what he looked like naked. In her dreams, he had abs of steel. And his cock was long and stayed hard, all the time.
She prayed reality would be different. She wanted him to look like a normal human being. Maybe a little pudge in the midsection. Perhaps his cock was smaller than imagined. Maybe he had scrawny legs.
That wouldn’t make him unattractive, it would make him normal. Like her. And she really wanted him to be normal. Like her. Normal meant he was no better than she was. That way, she wouldn’t have to feel so… inadequate around him.
He stepped from the water looking like he’d been carved from stone. Every inch of him was hard. Even his cock. Seriously, did he have to be that big down there? All of that wasn’t necessary.
He would still be able to satisfy a woman with half of that. He could give a few inches to the needy. The men in the itty-bitty committee. Men like her ex, Tanner, who wasn’t even a third of Victor’s size.
It wasn’t only his cock that was impressive. He actually had those abs of steel she dreamed about. He was perfect. Out of her league. Not that she wanted him anyway. Still, it sucked to realize he was just as perfect out of her dreams as he was in them.
Water dripped from his body. Oh, how she envied those tiny droplets of water. Every perfect inch of him was headed in her direction. She swallowed and prayed her cloaking spell didn’t fail.
Please don’t see me, she whispered as he stared directly at her.


Buy links:

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078LX23SN
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078LX23SN
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078LX23SN

Christmas Wish List w/ Jackson and Tinsley from Wicked Fantasies. #FantasyDiary #PNR #IRromance


Happy Friday!
All December long, I’ll be sharing my characters’ Christmas wish lists. First up, Jackson and Tinsley from my paranormal romance, Wicked Fantasies. They’re going to share with you 3 things from their Christmas wish list. (P.S. I am not responsible for what they say.) Enjoy!


Tinsley and Jackson…

Tinsley: My three Christmas wishes are simple. First off, I wish for world peace.

Jackson: Hold up, babe. Let me stop you there. I think she wants us to wish for things we can actually get.

Tinsley: World peace is possible.

Jackson: Have you looked at the news lately? Just saying…

Tinsley: Okay, well, I wish that mankind would be more loving and caring to each other.

Jackson: I have to stop you again.

Tinsley: What now, Jackson?

Jackson: We have enough going on with angels, demons, witches and such, maybe we should focus on us and less on mankind. They can take care of themselves.

Tinsley: See, that’s where we differ. I want to protect everyone, humans and supernaturals.

Jackson: I just think humans should be left alone to fend for….

SIREN: Guys, this is an interview. The public is reading every word you say. And guess what, most of them are humans. Can you act a little more professional?

Jackson: Whoa, Siren. This is who I am. I’m not about to change for humans. Don’t…

SIREN: Please behave. Please. Just for today.

Jackson: Since you said please and since you’re one of the few humans I like, I’ll behave. Go ahead Tinsley. Tell the humans what’s on your Christmas wish list.

Tinsley: Okay, let me try this again. I wish for world peace. For humans and supernaturals. I wish me and my mate could have some alone time before the battle that’s coming starts.

Jackson: I like that wish.

Tinsley: I knew you would. My last wish, is that we win this battle. There’s so many lives at stake, humans and supernaturals. I hope we’re able to defeat the darkness that’s coming and I hope we don’t let it consume us and turn us dark too.

Jackson: I won’t let you turn dark baby. We got this.

Tinsley: Thanks. Now, what are your three wishes?

Jackson: I wish our friends and family would stop coming around so much. I want time alone with you so I can fuc…

Tinsley: Language!

Jackson: Oh right. Humans are reading this. I would like for our peeps to stay away so I can make you come all day and all night with no interruptions.

Tinsley: Jackson, that’s not the kind of stuff you’re supposed to wish for.

Jackson: Okay. Okay. I have two more wishes. I wish you would stop wearing panties. That way, you won’t yell at me every time I rip a pair of them off of you.

Tinsley: TMI!

Jackson: Okay. Here’s my last wish. I wish this interview was over so I could bend you over the nearest piece of furniture and lick that sweet pus….

Tinsley: Babe! T.M.I. Seriously.

Jackson: I was just kidding. I like seeing you blush. Even though I do plan to bend you over and soon, my last wish is for the safety of us and our families as we head into the battle to come. Yeah, we’ve fought in many battles, but this one is different. This one feels different. We have so much to lose. We’ve made new friends along the way, found love, met new family members. I don’t want to lose any of them. I especially don’t want to lose you. So, my main wish for this Christmas is for safety for those I love. Starting with the witch right next to me.

Tinsley: Awww, baby, that’s the perfect wish.

Jackson: I thought you’d like that. If you want, I can show you what my other wish is.

Tinsley: You mean tell me.

Jackson: No, I mean show you. Let’s go. This interview is cutting into my alone time with you.

Tinsley: Thanks for the interview Siren and thank you to all the humans who are reading this. Happy Holidays.

Jackson: Yeah, what my mate said. Let’s go babe.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the interview with Jackson and Tinsley. Tinsley is a sweetheart. But… Jackson has a one track mind. Especially when his mate is around. Next week, I’ll be releasing my holiday paranormal and you’ll get to meet the characters and see what’s on their holiday wish list. Until then, have a safe and happy weekend.


FREE w/Kindle Unlimited
US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0779BFJQP/
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CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0779BFJQP/

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A Witch For Christmas will be available next week!

All she wants for Christmas is a certain shifter in her bed.
All he wants for Christmas is a curvy witch to call his own.
This Christmas, maybe they’ll both get what they want!
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Color Of Love Blog Hop. #CoLHop2017 #coloroflovehop 


Happy holidays and welcome to my stop on the COLOR OF LOVE Blog Hop, co-hosted by Empi Baryeh, Kiru Taye, Nana Prah, and Love Bites and Silk. This year’s hop is on from today, 23 November to 3 December, 2017.

We’re celebrating People of Color in romance and offering you a chance to discover new books and new authors, as well as giving you a chance to win prizes. We have 30 blogs participating this year, each featuring an interracial or multicultural romance book!

This year, we’re doing things a little differently. We’ve separated the cash and book prizes so more people can win:

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One of my featured books is up for grabs in the rafflecopter giveaway, so be sure to enter it. I have three interracial paranormal romances on sale for 0.99 cents each! All three of these ladies have made Santa’s naughty list this year.

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Her name is Anika Kaleen. She’s a galactic bounty hunter.
My enemies call me Death. I’m her target.

Falling for her should be the last thing on my mind. Yet, she’s all I think about. It’s ironic that the only female I want, wants me dead. She’s no match for me. Her pride drives her to continue searching for me. My feelings for her keep me from ending her life and putting a stop to this madness.
I’ve tried warning her away. I’ve tried scaring her away. Nothing is working. The only thing her determination is doing is making me want her more. I told her to stop hunting me. I told her if our paths crossed again, I would take her. She didn’t listen. She never listens. But I always keep my promises.

She wants me dead.
I want her… period.
Let’s see which one of us completes our mission.

~A peek into the book~

“Death,” I call out. It feels weird calling to death. But if that’s what I have to call him to keep from angering him, I will.
“Don’t call me that,” he calls down.
“You told me not to call you Dylix. What am I supposed to call you?”
“Don’t call me. Period.”
Okay, now he’s just being a big baby. “Dylix, listen. It feels like there’s a lot you’re not telling me.”
“I don’t owe you anything.”
Ouch. “Uh, sure you do. You kidnapped me. You lied to me. You tied me to a chair. You…”
“You shot me.”
“The bullet went straight through. At least it didn’t get lodged inside your shoulder.”
“You’ve been hunting me for a year.”
“In my defense, my title is bounty hunter. It’s what I do. If you didn’t run, I wouldn’t have to chase you.”
“You shot me with an arrow once…”
“You didn’t die.”
“You still shot me.”
“In the leg. It was more like a friendly request to get you to stop running.”
“You came all the way to Earth to kill me.”
“I’m here to apprehend you. Not kill you.”
“You called me a monster.”
“You are a monster.”
Why did I say that? I’m not wrong. He is a monster. But me saying it aloud doesn’t help my current situation. If I want to escape him I have to be nicer.


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New Release: Celebrity by Melinda De Ross #Review #Romance

There’s a new release in the book world and it comes from an amazing author, Melinda De Ross.


I give Celebrity, by Melinda De Ross, five Siren Stars!

First of all, this is my favorite book by this author thus far. There are so many things I loved about the novel. First thing, the cover. All of her covers are beautiful, but this one is strikingly so.

Second, I love that the main character is an author who is getting her book made into a movie. The book that’s being made into the movie is one that I’ve read before. And it was written by this author. I love that!!

Every scene the author crafted felt real and I could actually see the heroine living out her day to day life. Sparks ignited when she met the hero. I instantly fell in love with him. And their scene outside of the restaurant was hilarious.

The heroine faced betrayal and heartbreak, but I love that she didn’t let the actions of others get her down. She bounced back and thrived. In doing so, she met the perfect hero for her. Oh, and did I mention there was some sexy scenes that had me fanning myself? I definitely recommend this book to all romance lovers.

Celebrity Teaser

Within twenty-four hours, Kendra Kensington’s life changes drastically. She lands a million dollar contract for her latest novel, now on the road to becoming a movie, catches her boyfriend in bed with another woman, and decides to move across the country from Chicago to California. But the City of Angels harbors more demons than she had imagined.
When she meets Blake Tyler, the famous movie star she’s secretly crushed on for years, she thinks her attempt to rebuild her life may just be on the right track. However, the past and the present seem to be conspiring against her and happiness may be harder to achieve than she thinks.


When the elevator stopped, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and stepped out. I took Richard’s key out of my purse and inserted it into the lock as silently as possible. I was sure he was still asleep, but I didn’t think he’d mind being awakened earlier.
As it turned out, I was wrong in both assumptions. The moment I entered the apartment I realized two things: Richard was not asleep, and he was not alone. Judging by the noises coming from the bedroom, he was either watching a porn flick, or he had company. I stood motionless, struck dumb and still by this discovery. I even stopped breathing, while my heartbeats accelerated madly.
Then I was jarred out of my shocked stillness by a particularly high-pitched moan. Feeling as though clouds of steam were coming out of my ears, I walked to the bedroom and pushed open the door. For a moment, I just stared stupidly at the way Richard and his blonde, huge-breasted partner were tangled. It crossed my mind that he’d never been this inventive and energetic with me. Then the adrenaline kicked in, and with it, a wave of fury that made my pulse and breathing go into overdrive.
“You motherfucking piece of shit!” I screamed, advancing into the room, clutching my purse like a weapon.
The rocking stopped abruptly. The blonde let out a girlie scream, but my attention was all on Richard. His eyes were as big as saucers, as he was trying to yank a sheet to cover himself.
“Kendra… It’s not what you think,” he stammered. “I-I can explain…”
“You whore-fucking, cock-sucking, pencil-dick son of a bitch! Is this why you never had enough energy for me?”
I grabbed the first handy thing—which happened to be an inoffensive stack of files—and threw them at the bed. Sheets of paper spread everywhere, but without doing any damage.
“Kendra, listen to me…”
“Shut up, you cheating louse! And you,” I turned to the blonde, who was uselessly trying to cover up her tits. “I hope he’s better with you than he ever was with me. I haven’t faked it so much in my life as I did with this lousy bastard!”
I whirled around and stormed out, slamming the door as hard as I could behind me.


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