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Simone Morris, a recent UC San Diego grad is devastated that only one of her chosen law schools has accepted her on to their waiting list. Her chances being slim in getting in, she takes up a friend’s offer to visit her in Costa Rica. Before planning her next move, she decides to fly to the place of eternal springtime for a much-needed distraction.

Parker Ryan, a travel writer, is making his way through Latin America. He enjoys backpacking, wildlife hikes, booze and different types of dimes. His job never allows him to settle in one spot for too long which he loves since that means he has an excuse not to get tied down.

When Simone meets Parker at a salsa club, they are the perfect match for a one-night stand. After their amazing night, Simone soon finds her passport has gone missing. Then she receives word that her acceptance into UCLA Law is determined by an interview that is just a week away.

With not enough time to get a new passport, Simone desperately seeks Parker’s help. Through his contacts, Simone journeys with Parker through the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica. Travelling disasters and the heat keep them at each other’s throats, but soon through every setback, they grow closer to each other. Adding more to their sizzling attraction.

Unfortunately, in California, Simone has an important stepping stone to her future while Parker must travel to complete his job assignments. The things that made them perfect bed strangers now has made it impossible for them to stay together.

Their growing relationship causes them to re-evaluate what is really important to them. Is a career of a lifetime worth giving up a possible love of a lifetime?
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His touch awakens the monster inside her.

There’s a darkness inside Ciera Duvai that’s begging to be released. Every day, she struggles to keep the evil at bay. When a naughty encounter with a dragon causes her to lose her skirt and her control, her true identity is revealed.
She’s pretty sure the dragon in question is her mate. Dragons are an unforgiving lot, but, he’s her mate, he has to forgive her for all the crimes she doesn’t even remember committing. Right? Wrong! He wants her dead and Ciera isn’t going down without a fight. It’s time to show her mate that her monster is bigger than his.

Her touch excites the monster inside him.

Edmund Dracon is losing his mind. He’s gone too long without a mate and the loneliness had taken a toll on his sanity. His inner dragon has consumed his thoughts and is slowly taking over his body. Soon, he’ll have to be put down or he’ll become a threat to everyone.
There’s only one creature who can save him from himself: his mate. When he finds her sneaking out of his castle, he thinks the Fates have finally answered his prayers, that is, until he finds out who and what she really is.

Allowing her to live would be an act of treason.
Yet, now that he’s touched her, killing her doesn’t seem right.
Edmund has a tough decision to make: protect a mate he doesn’t trust or protect his brethren?



By Love Journey Books & AMBW Press

This is the other side of love.



When Leah Brooks saved Quinn Harrison’s life, she wasn’t expecting anything in return. A good Samaritan by nature, she leads a quiet life as a wedding planner.

Quinn is the epitome of the town philanderer. He isn’t ready for a serious relationship. A billionaire with everything to lose, even his own life, must decide if his obsession with the woman who saved him is worth giving up his womanizing ways.

Who wants the billionaire business executive dead, and why?

Find out in this thrilling romantic suspense about two souls destined to fall in love. If you love romance with a little danger and intrigue, you will enjoy this interracial billionaire romance.



She’s too young for me

Loving her is so wrong, but it feels so right…

I’m too much of a playboy and despite my silver hairs, I’ve never settled down.

When my former student waltzes into my office 13-years-later with her son in tow, I’m driven to protect her.

I’ll risk anything to keep her safe.

My job…
My secrets…

She’s the woman I want to be with. She’s mine.

No one from her past can tear us apart. I won’t let them.

Not now, not ever.



Eight years ago, Zora Henderson ran away from the man she loved and the family that forced her to have an abortion. Tragedy brings her back home again. Can she face the family and the town that betrayed her? And what of the man that she left behind? Zora also has a secret, one that may have her on the run again.

WARNING: This book deals with adult situations, it contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. It may be considered offensive to some readers.



Keno Knight can’t stop the pull he feels when he’s around Laney Morrison. Something tugs at his heart when he sees the sadness in her eyes, and even in her smile. He wants to offer her more than her man is giving her, but not before she’s ready to accept it.

Laney Morrison made the biggest mistake of her life when she dropped out of college her senior year and married Barron. It didn’t take long for his possessive ways to turn to physical abuse and isolate her from everyone she knows and loves.
When Barron and Keno meet, it won’t be pretty. The battle for Laney’s heart is something both men are ready for, but is Laney willing to start all over again, or will she stay with what she knows?



While at her exhibition, artist Kaya meets the alluring Seven Prescott, billionaire heir to the LX Energy dynasty in Houston. The chemistry is impossible for Kaya to ignore and before she can blink Seven has her upstairs in the museum getting dirty on a table.

They spend the night together and though she likes Seven, and the sex is great, Kaya lacks an emotional connection with her wealthy suitor and immediately realizes she doesn’t want things to go further.

While having dinner with Seven and his parents, Kaya meets Seven’s best friend Brandon and the two fall hard for each other. Convinced Brandon is her soulmate, Kaya dumps Seven for a chance at true love not knowing it’s a decision she’ll soon regret.

After failed attempts to get her back, Seven declares war on Kaya using every weapon at his disposal, including his money and power, to make her life a living hell.

(A sexy thriller about obsession, lust, desperation, and madness)



His touch melts the ice surrounding her heart.

Mya Leggett’s plan is simple: help a hurt dragon back to his castle and be rewarded for her efforts. Everyone knows dragons have treasures. Once she’s paid, she’ll use the money to pay off her and her twin sister’s debt. She hadn’t planned on being told she couldn’t leave the castle once she entered it.

She definitely hadn’t planned on learning that the wounded dragon she helped, was actually the alpha of all dragon shifters. To make matters worse, he thinks she’s his mate. Her… a vampire, a creature of the night who doesn’t believe in sex or love. How can she prove to a determined beast that she isn’t the female he needs?

Her touch makes him want to claim her in the most primitive way.

Zane Dracon’s plan is simple: bring his mate to his castle, then convince her to stay there, forever. He expected her to fall in love with him instantly. He’s the alpha, the most feared creature in Velahn, the strongest dragon that’s ever lived. He can protect and provide for her better than any other creature in Velahn.

Yet, she isn’t impressed with his strength and his fighting skills. It’s going to take more to win her over. However, he doesn’t know how to give her more. He knows how to fight. He knows how to protect. But, he doesn’t know how to love.

Will a vampire who’s never felt desire and a dragon who doesn’t know how to love be able to make it work?


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