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**3/1/17 – The Plot by Melinda De Ross:
“I’m not a porcelain doll, Mark. Please don’t treat me as one. Kiss me like you mean it.”
He needed no further encouragement to draw her against him and lower his mouth on hers, with a low sound of need and desire. His tongue slid boldly between her lips and was welcomed by her own. This primal mating ritual made her body yield and gravitate toward him, as he lowered her onto her back and his body half-covered hers.

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**3/4/17 – Nowhere To Run by M’Renee Allen

“I need to touch you,” he told her, reaching for her.

Melanie stepped back under the hot spray of the water and let it wash the rest of the suds away. Soap free, she turned the shower off then moved closer to him. “I want you to touch me.”

He reached for her.

She took a step back. “Tongue only,” she told him.

His gaze became heated as he dropped to his knees in front of her. He gripped her hips and pushed her back until she was pressed against the shower wall. He lifted her leg and placed it over his shoulder.

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**3/8/17 – Blackthorne by Lynn Cooper

I kiss her soft and easy, hot and deep. She opens her lips to my probing tongue. Her warm, breathless sighs are a sign of submission passing from her mouth to mine, and I eagerly swallow them down. Even knowing I have to send her away doesn’t mute my need for her acceptance. She has to want what I do to her, or it’s no good. My tongue surges against hers then I grasp her lower lip between my teeth one final time before nibbling her neck.

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**3/15/17 – Luke and Bella by Pandora Spocks

He lay her gently on the floor in front of the fire. “Put your arms over your head,” he whispered, and she complied. Lightly, he brushed her body with his fingertips starting at her hands, then down her arms and across her breasts, down her stomach…He paused at the pajama pants, then slid his hand over the mound between her thighs, caressing through the fabric. She bucked and brought her hands down to his shoulders, but he took them lightly and replaced them over her head.
“Shh, be still,” he whispered. Gently, he tugged at the pajama pants and pulled them down and off, panties and all, so that she lay naked before him, firelight reflecting off her body.

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**3/18/17 – Her Dream Lover by Siren Allen

She held her breath as he touched her between her legs. Arousal shot through her.
“So wet,” he mumbled against her navel. “So ready.” His tongue dipped into her belly button.
Yes, she was so ready. It had been two years since she’d made love and the only lover she’d ever had was her ex. He liked to do all the work, liked to feel in control. So usually she just lay there and enjoyed, somewhat, the things he did to her.
He was never this thorough or…
All thoughts of her ex were destroyed when Draken slipped a finger inside of her. Her hips jerked. There was no way she was going to be able to stay still while he did those things to her.

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**3/22/17 – An Amazon’s Equal by Fionna Guillaume

“You’d better hold on,” she growled.

Her breath burned against his cheek. Astrastos was happy to obey – he held on tight, reveling in her soft skin, with those smooth muscles beneath. Her legs gripped tightly around his hips as she slid up and down, rolling her buttocks beneath his hands, thrusting herself into him. Astrastos could barely believe it.
He had never imagined being so fully dominated, at the mercy of her pleasure. His fingers clenched, digging into her skin, helping her lift and settle, faster and harder onto his erection. Their bodies met with a slapping noise, increasing in tempo as they hurried toward climax.

Follow the link to read More: https://sirenallen.com/2017/03/22/anamazonsequal/

**3/25/17 – Kiss Me, Keep Me by Siren Allen

“Shit,” he groaned, as his cock filled her mouth.

She gripped the base with one hand, then proceeded to bob her head up and down on his length, going down as far as she could. He groaned her name.


She tightened her lips around him. His hips raised from the bed as he pushed deeper into his mouth. She placed one hand on his stomach, holding him down, trying to somewhat control his movements.

As he rose up, she moved down. His cock pulsed as he pushed in and out of her mouth. He tasted salty. Not like a human male. But not like she’d thought a robot would. She liked it.

The texture of his skin was different than that of a man’s. It was harder. She grazed her teeth across his skin, a big no-no for regular men. Her cyborg loved it. His cock went from pulsing to actually vibrating against her tongue.

“I don’t know what is happening?” He groaned. “I cannot stop it.”

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*3/31/17 – Final day to enter the giveaway and a recap of all the awesome authors.