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**4/5/17 – The Plot by Melinda De Ross:

Was he truly in love with Yoko? He’d said so when he didn’t know about her past. But did he love her now? Did her past make a difference? He thought about everything he liked and admired about her: her seriousness, her rare, child-like smiles, her determination, her intelligence. Her beautiful face and enticing body. God, could he love her without thinking of all the men who’d had her?

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**4/8/17 Into The Darkness by Siren Allen:

She couldn’t spend her days smiling at him then force him away from her each night. Hell, who was he kidding? He was her prisoner. She could do whatever she wanted. She’d reminded him of that countless times. He was the fool for wanting more.
He was done playing these games with her. Witches were evil. He was a witch hunter. It was his job to eradicate them from the face of the Earth. One sexy bayou witch wasn’t going to convince him otherwise. As soon as he figured out a way to free himself, he was going to teach her a few rules about torture. Rule number one: never let your enemy know your weakness.
He knew exactly what to do to make Celeste Dubois weak. He wasn’t going to let his growing feelings for her keep him from doing his job. He was a witch hunter. And his prey wasn’t that far away. It was time for Rip Van Warren to hunt.

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**4/12/17 – Forever and Always by Susanne Matthews:

Brandi’s fingers gripped the table and she swallowed, praying she wouldn’t be sick and disgrace herself. What a fool she was. Jarrett was no different than the other star-struck fans who’d followed her around for years. Why hadn’t she seen it? Everything he’d said to her tonight came back to her filtered by this new information. She looked down at the roses on her shoulder. Suddenly, they meant no more than the countless bouquets the cleaning staff had thrown out each evening after the performances.
“So, what did the Victoria Viper have to say?” Tom asked, taking the chair Celia had occupied.
Too hurt to acknowledge how stupid she’d been, she smiled and chose her words carefully. No one could know how deeply this betrayal had upset her.

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**4/15/17 Chemistry by Ellen K. Bennett

‘Oh, Mark,’ I was now close to tears. ‘Please just leave me alone. I really cannot deal with you right now.’
I went back to my bedroom, closing but not locking the door, and went back to bed and eventually fell asleep again. I could hear Mark, who wisely left me to simmer, moving around next door, turning on the TV or the radio, opening and closing the kitchen cupboards, no doubt inspecting my poor supplies with disapproval, and then the front door closed with a click.
When I woke up it was dark. My face was haggard from the trip, puffy bags under my eyes, and I was without makeup. I didn’t bother to change out of my pajamas either. I wasn’t going to make an effort for him tonight. He would have to confront me as I was, if he had had the courage to stay.

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**4/19/17 – Beasts and Bonds by ND Jones

The Titanoboa opened its mouth wide, razor-sharp fangs white and dangerous. It attacked, lunging at Oya with an unnatural speed and grace.
Up in flames her magnificent and stupid pet went. A hissing, writhing snake driven to extinction in the mortal realm, but alive here due to Mami Wata’s grace. Now scales of ash and charred flesh befouled the cruel air between the goddesses.
A space where love and sisterhood should have been but where bloody competition had only ever existed.
She could make another Titanoboa. But there was only one cat of legend. Once he was gone …
Mami Wata laughed. “I will destroy his loving heart. It is the were-cat’s greatest weakness. And without her lover’s heart, the fire witch will succumb easily to my water witch. The wheels of his defeat are already set in motion. Now return to your spectator’s bench, dear sister, and watch the destruction of Sekhmet’s Mngwa of myth.”

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**4/22/17 Claimed By The Succubus by Siren Allen

“Izeria, I promise I never meant to hurt you.”
“And yet you have. Just tell me how am I supposed to help save your world. Please.”
He nods. “The king needs allies.”
“You’ve said that.”
“He has no other sons and daughters, only you.”
“I’m not his daughter, but continue.”
“An alliance requires the bonding of two families.”
I don’t think I like where this is going. “Okay, and?”
“The king is going to marry you off to form an alliance.”
I don’t know what to say. This is barbaric. No one gets married to form an alliance any more. Females and males marry for love. They marry when they find mates. They marry because they choose to.
I refused to be forced into marriage. Especially to someone I don’t know, someone who doesn’t love me or respect me. I can guess who it is this king intends on marrying me off to. Not happening.
“I don’t want to marry you,” I tell him.
His jaw tightens. I can tell my words has angered him.
“Good, because I’m not the one he’s marrying you off to.”
My mouth falls open. He’s not the one. Who the hell do they expect me to marry? The tears I’ve been trying to hold in spring to my eyes.
“You mean you knew your king was going to marry me off to someone else this whole time?”

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**4/26/17 – Still Waters by Ellen K. Bennett:
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**4/29/17 Recap.
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