Fantasy Diary Series


Fantasy Diary series follows the lives of three sisters, Alyssa, Ashley and Adora, who all possess a fantasy diary. In their diaries they write down all of their wicked fantasies. This year, they’ve gotten their best friend Tinsley to join in on the fun. Having a fantasy diary sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

Well it is, until suddenly strange men and even stranger events take over their lives. These ladies go from simply writing in their diaries to living out their fantasies in real life. Unfortunately the men they’ve chosen to be their fantasy buddies have dark secrets. These secrets place the girls and their new guy friends in horrible danger.

Soon fantasies are no longer on their mind. They are now fighting to save not only their lives, but the lives of their loved ones also.

Secrets are revealed, bonds are broken and lives are lost. But the worse is yet to come. There is a dark force heading their way and if they don’t find the strength to stand together as one, they will lose everything.

Meet Alyssa

Sweet yet Naughty.

Meet Ashley
ashley dark fantasies

Curses like a sailor.

Meet Adora
adora sexy in red

Tired of living through her fantasies. Is ready to experience the real thing.

Meet Tinsley

Believes that we all create our own destiny. Refuses to fall in love and risk having her heart broken.


Meet Devin

Struggles with his emotions… until he meets his mate.


Meet Kelan

Will do whatever it takes to get what he wants… and he wants Ashley.



Meet Jackson

Doesn’t want a mate. One woman isn’t enough for him. So why can’t he get one particular female off his mind?



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Bk 4: Coming 2018

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Diary Series”

    1. Hi Kendra! Jackson and Tinsley’s story will be released on Halloween. I’ll share their book cover in August. I’ll also share some scenes from the book in August. 🙂

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