Kidnapping The Vampire

Kat Davenport had one mission: kidnap her cousin’s fiancé and bring him to their safehouse. Bashing the wrong man upside the head and causing him to have amnesia was never her intention. With time running out, Kat has no choice but to pretend her new captive is her husband and take him with her until their looming threat has passed. But as her captive’s memory returns, Kat realizes he’s not only the wrong man, he may even be the threat her family is running from. Oh and he may not even be human!

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NOTE – 3/26/2022: You may have noticed that the episodes are shorter now. I’ve had some complaints about the number of tokens it takes to read each episode. Amazon has the tokens set up to be based on word count. I’d been releasing longer episodes and that made the token count higher. I’m making the episodes shorter now. That decreases the number of tokens it takes to read an episode. Thank you to everyone who is reading this series. I understand that Vella isn’t for everyone. For those of you who are enjoying this series, please give the episodes a like and the series a FAV. Don’t forget to leave a review. I appreciate you all! Happy reading!

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Part 2 of Kidnapping The Vampire starts now! It’s time to get to know Felicity and Arix better!

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New to Kindle Vella: Fangs, Fae, & Fury!

Meet MacKenzie Varnado!

I didn’t know I was part shifter until I was bitten by one. I didn’t know I was part fae until I was kissed by one. I never knew mates existed until they both tried to claim me. I thought I was just a normal college freshman until these guys entered my world and flipped it upside down. To return my life back to normal, I need to get rid of them.

So, tell me, how does one get rid of two mates?

*This is a steamy, slow-burn, new adult, paranormal romance featuring young love in a love triangle & a dark plot. *

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If he catches her, he will claim her. If he claims her, he will die.

They are fated to love each other but cursed to never be together. That’s why Kara hides from him every full moon. And it’s why he hunts her until the sun rises. She’s tired of hiding. And resisting his charms is becoming harder to do. She’s forced to make a tough decision in hopes that he’d give up on her. But her plan backfires and she’s left with a beast who feels betrayed.

A beast who continues to hunt her.

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