16 thoughts on “~Connect With Me~”

  1. Hi! I am really enjoying your Dangerously Curvey series. Bravo for your awesome storytelling! I was wondering if we can look forward to more in the series. It would be lovely to learn more about the back stories and love interests if any of Liam, Kris, Declan, Julien, Novak, Vlad, Nik and Miriam. I know Scar’s will be coming hopefully soon :). Thank you!

  2. Hiii I’ve been reading your stories for a year straight now and I’ve been waiting for you to release Nik’s Redemption, I constantly read over the dangerously curvy series and I feel so incomplete without the next story 😫. Is nil redemption still in the works or has it been out and I’ve been completely oblivious 😭

  3. I found you on kindle Vella and I am so glad I did. Then I read the Savage Bloodline box set . I enjoy your work.

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