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Her Dom’s Journal – Part 1

~ Her Dom’s Journal Part One ~


London stared at the black leather bound journal. Her fingers itched to touch it. She reached for it but pulled her hand back, chastising herself for even considering reading his diary. Oops, his journal. It pissed him off when she called it a diary.

“Men don’t keep diaries, we write journals,” her Dom told her on more than one occasion.

London sat down on the floor, Indian style. She placed her hands demurely in her lap, away from the journal that lay in front of her. How could he have left something so precious behind? Once he realized it was missing from his briefcase, he was going to be angry.

But there was nothing he could do about it. London smiled wickedly. He’d apparently dropped it as he packed for his trip to Hawaii, without her. London was upset that he was leaving her behind but taking him with him… Daniel, his assistant, his boy toy. Daniel got trips to Hawaii but all London got was a mind blowing orgasm and an order to not go to the Fetish Garden – the sex club where she met her Dom, Michael.

Well, if Michael didn’t want her to go to the Garden then she would have to find something else to do to occupy her time with him gone for a week. London smiled at the journal. She knew if it had lips it would smile back at her and tell her to read it. All books wanted to be read.

She couldn’t do it.

If she read his journal he would punish her. He was already upset with her for not answering the phone when Daniel called last week. She didn’t need to do anything to further anger him. Then again, he always assumed the worst in people, he was cynical like that. He would assume she read it even if she didn’t, which meant she had a punishment coming whether it was deserved or not.
London twisted a strand of her long red hair around her finger, a nervous habit.

What to do?

She really only had two options. Read the journal – get punished. Not read the journal – get punished.

London pushed herself up off the floor and walked over to the journal. The poor thing looked so lonely on the red carpet of her Dom’s bedroom. She may as well quit resisting, with him gone for a week she knew she was going to read the journal at some point.

London picked the black journal up, it felt heavy in her hands, or was that guilt weighing her down? She walked over to the king size bed she shared with her Dom. She climbed into the bed and snuggled under the covers. She could still smell his cologne on the black satin sheets. She missed him already. She should be ashamed of herself for what she was about to do. A good little sub would never disobey a direct order from her Dom.

Oh well, London opened the book to the first page and smiled…

Next entry available now: https://sirenallen.com/2013/03/19/week-2-of-her-doms-journal-tempting-tuesdays/.
xoxo Siren


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