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Feedback from Friends!

In past posts I’ve told you all how shy I am about sharing my writings with my friends. Well I am slowly coming out of that shell. Last week I sent a copy of my story that received a request from a publisher via twitter to a friend for her to read it and give me her opinion on it.

I received her thoughts on the story this morning. This is what my friend/co-worker Alanna emailed me….

“Girl what can I say ???!!!??? I loved it… I couldn’t put it down!!! It all flowed really well… There is some misspelled words and a few others things.. But GIRL you can write!!! If you want me to read anything else send it my way.. ”


She went on to point out the misspelled words and run on sentences she found in the story. But overall, she enjoyed it. That makes me happy because my goal as a writer is to create stories that make my readers smile. I want my story to stay on their mind long after they put the book or their kindle down.

I love to read and my favorite books are the ones that have me up all night, tired as can be but unable to stop reading until I finish the whole book.

As far as the grammatical errors – things like misspelled words and run on sentences can definitely turn a reader off and make your wonderful story seem subpar. I’m thankful to my beta’s Shawn and Alanna for catching mistakes in my story that I missed. Time for me to correct those mistakes and get this story sent in to the publisher!


Since I am so excited about the feedback I received from a friend, I have decided to share a excerpt from that story with you guys….


“Tell me baby,” he said again into her ear. “Tell me you won’t leave me.”

He shoved deeper into her and at that moment, at that particular time, she was willing to tell him anything that he wanted to hear.

“I promise,” she gasped as he rocked her again. She felt him removing her blind fold as he shoved in and out of her. Eyes free she stared up at him. He continued to ride her and she continued to love it. They continued to gaze at one another, his expression one of wonderment. She felt like crying from the intense emotions he was sending through her. Preston put his hand around her throat gripping her tightly but not in a painful way.

“I can’t lose you,” he said, “not again. I need you.” His eyes spoke volumes but did she dare believe it could be true?

Just when she thought he couldn’t go any deeper he did, her body shook uncontrollably as an orgasm like she’d never experienced ripped through her.

That excerpt is very tame compared to the rest of the story! 🙂

Have a great day,
xoxo Siren

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  1. UPDATE: This story was sent in to the publisher. A revise and resubmit email was sent to me a few days later. I changed a few scenes and resent the revised story to the publisher. Two days later she sent me a contract! This story is now with Entranced Publishing. YAY! 🙂

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