Girl Talk Saturday

Girl Talk Saturday with Faede and Bruce from Lovers Unchained


Welcome to another Girl Talk Saturday. This month’s topic is ‘What I’m Thankful For’. Today Faede and Bruce from Lovers Unchained will share with you a few things they’re thankful for.

Book: Lovers, Unchained – Curse of the Dark Witch Series


What am I thankful for?

1 – I am thankful for my best friend whom I love like a sister. Carissa, I apologize for not sharing with you why I was coming to the Dark Realm. But you understand why I did so, now that you are mated, right?
2 – To my mate, the man I’ve dreamed about for so long but whom I thought I would never find. Thank you for loving me.
3 – My dragon…who seems to be just as infatuated with my mate as I am.
4 – My coven – A group of wonderful witches who are as strong and powerful as they are beautiful. I will be home soon to help rebuild.
5 – Cole – I met you and then I lost you. I’m sorry our mission wasn’t a complete success. But my dreams tell me that it wasn’t a failure also.


What am I thankful for?

1 – My mate Faede – My life was like a dark abyss until you smiled at me and gift me with your love. Nothing else in this world matters to me, only you. I will follow you to the ends of the earth if that is what you wish. My life was hell until you entered it and you are the one and only thing I am thankful for.

Dark Witch COVER-new

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Faede and Bruce Excerpt ~

He stared at her naked body. On her skin were words written in a language he couldn’t decipher. The words decorated her waist like a belly chain going all the way from her navel, to her back, and ending at her navel again.

On her side rested a small, dragon tattoo. Bruce’s eyes widened seeing the dragon stretch nearly lifting up off her skin. The small beast turned its head toward him. For a few seconds, it stared at him. Then, it resumed its position on his bride’s hip, making Bruce wonder if he imagined the whole thing.

Faede smiled at him. “I think she likes you.”

“What is she, the tattoo I mean?”

“She’s an extension of me. When I was made a Guardian, I was gifted with an extra life by the Elder of the Guardians.”

Bruce stared at her with a confused expression. His bride went on to explain what she meant.

“Like mortals say, a cat has nine lives; well, I have two lives. If I’m destroyed in this one, I will be reborn. My dragon here will separate from me carrying my memories along with it. Through it, I’ll be recreated. Only, the new me will not wear a dragon tattoo. The new me will not have another life, as I now do.”

She smiled at him and Bruce smiled back. He had no idea what she was talking about. She was an Immortal; she would live forever and only move on into the Realm of Mist, or into the Pit if she was destroyed. If destroyed, she would not live again, but if she believed she would be recreated because of the mysterious tattoo on her hip, he would humor her. She wouldn’t need to be recreated, because he would never let anything happen to her. She was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. She walked closer to him, no longer the shy, pixie-like woman who entered his room. This woman exuded confidence. He was turned on. When she stood before him, he let his eyes roam over her body, taking in every inch of her. He rubbed his finger over the tattoo. Faede shivered and he could have sworn he felt the dragon shiver as well.

“Are you a chameleon?” He asked, pulling her body closer to him. He used his tongue to trace the outline of her tattoo and shuddered when she shivered again.

“I’m many things,” she repeated. “Until I am safe, I’m not allowed to tell you what I am.” Bruce stood up swiftly.

“No one will harm you now that I’ve found you,” he snarled, “not even Lana.”

Faede smiled at his words. She ran her hand up his chest, and then to his neck. She grasped the back of his neck and pulled his face closer to hers. Bruce pressed his body against her. When their lips met, he felt the dragon tattoo on her hip stretching against her skin, straining to be closer to him.

“I want you,” she murmured against his lips.

Bruce pulled back from the kiss and stared deeply into her eyes. He felt her tremble at the intensity in his gaze. Lifting his shirt over his shoulders, and then his head, he threw it to the couch. Then, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. His eyes never left hers while he stepped out of them.
Bruce couldn’t believe this was really happening. Her gaze drifted to his massive chest. He looked away from the tears forming in her eyes; he couldn’t handle her pity; not at this moment.

“Who did this to you,” she whispered, rubbing her finger along the jagged scars on his chest.

“It isn’t important,” he turned his face back to her. “None of it is important now.”

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