Girl Talk Saturday

~Girl Talk Saturday With Bailey from Christmas Confusion~


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Today we have Bailey from Christmas Confusion here to share with us the top five items she needs to have a perfect Valentine’s Day. Before I let Bailey take over I just want to say that I think I know what her perfect V-Day would be like. If you’ve read Christmas Confusion then you know what’s on Bailey’s mind. Book two of the series is coming soon. It’s titled, Seducing Max. Wouldn’t Valentine’s Day be the perfect day for a seduction? Okay, enough of my rambling. Here’s Bailey.

~Bailey Cooper~

I’m excited about Valentine’s Day. For those of you who know me you know that this is my first Valentine’s Day with a real boyfriend. Wait, let me correct myself. He’s not my boyfriend he’s my fiance. YAY! Anyway. I know he has something big planned for me. He’s been very secretive lately and he’s put a lock on his closet door. He did that after he caught me and my best friend Krista snooping through his closet, looking for my gift. But huge extravagant gifts aren’t that important to me. Here is my list of five things I need to make my Valentine’s Day Perfect.

#5 Champagne – ( I love me some bubbly.)
#4 Chocolate – (Wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without this.)
#3 Music – (Something sexy to set the mood. Maybe Robin Thicke.)
#2 Lingerie – (You know why I need this. šŸ™‚ )
#1 Max Davis – (My yummy fiance who refuses to sleep with me until our wedding day. But I don’t plan to allow him to hold out until our big day. Krista is teaching me how to seduce him and I’ve almost got pole-dancing figured out. Wish me luck.)

~Coming soon: Seducing Max~

Find out how Bailey and Max met, and get to know Krista and Greg in Christmas Confusion.


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