Myths and Markings

Angels Should Be Nice, Right? #WickedWednesday


My name is Alyssa Blakely and I just found out two things.

1 – Angels are very much real.
2 – Not all Angels are nice.

When I think of angels I think of heavenly beings who watch over us and protect us from harm. All of that changed when an angel tried to kill me. Yes, you heard me correctly – an angel tried to kill me.

It was a rude awakening that still haunts me. What’s even scarier is that he’s not the only angel after me. There seems to be a whole group of them, called the Angels of the Apocalypse, and they have vowed to destroy my mate, his brothers, and any one connected to them.

It’s all pretty horrifying. But what they didn’t count on was me and my sister stepping up our game to help keep our guys safe. To hell with these evil angels who want us dead. Southern girls ride or die for their men. We aren’t damsels in distress, we don’t run and hide when things get tough. We fight!

So to the rest of the Angels of the Apocalypse, I only have two words for you…..


Excerpt from Christmas Fantasy

Moving too quickly for her eyes to follow his movements, the creature reached into the pocket of his black pants and pulled out a dagger. She felt the tip of the sharp weapon at her neck. Blood trickled down her skin.

“You’re already dying Alyssa. Do you feel how hot your blood is? I forced you to drink from me. My Angel blood is killing you.”

Alyssa gagged, the action caused the dagger to dig deeper into her flesh causing more blood to flow from the small wound.

“You’re not an angel.” She refused to believe he was. “Angels don’t hurt people.”

“What do you know of Angels?” The man rasped. “You live in a Realm where fake magicians are the only source of sorcery you know. Outside of this Realm there are many creatures. And they are nothing like the guardian angels who watch over you weaklings.”

Her confusion was growing by the minute.
“W-what kind of angel are you?”

The creature smiled, a terrifying display of razor sharp teeth.
“I’m an ‘Angel of the Apocalypse’ and it is my duty to kill your mate, and now it seems, it’s my duty to kill you, little human. In less than an hour my blood will kill you.”

“Why?” she gasped. “I don’t even know you, why do you want to kill me?”

“There are many reasons. One, because you allowed yourself to become tainted by a Brother of Calamity. Because you love him and you’re blind to the evil inside of him. Because I feared you would be a stubborn one. I feared you would not aid me in killing him. So I had to force your hand. Soon my blood will burn you up from the inside out. In agony you will call for your mate. The pain will force you to do so. If you don’t do so soon he will not be able to help you.”

“How can he help me? He cannot stop me from burning up, not if what you say is true.”

“Oh he can stop it, Mate of Calamity. He can feed you his own blood and change you which will make you a hybrid like him. Then I will have no choice but to kill you. So either way, you die little human.”

He was evil, pure evil. Alyssa was prepared to die.
“I will never call for Devin.”

“You will,” the smile the stranger gave her sent dread through her chest.

He removed the dagger from her neck and tilted her head back. He sliced his palm, then holding her mouth open, he forced more of his blood down her throat.

Trying to jerk away from him was pointless. She couldn’t move. The burning in her body increased as more of his blood entered her.

She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the pain. She would not call for Devin. She would not lead her mate to his death. She would not.

The stranger’s blood filled her. Her head throbbed, her eyes burned. Her throat felt like it was boiling.

“Twenty minutes now,” the stranger said. “The more blood I feed you, the quicker you die. Call for him. End your pain.”

Alyssa tried to shake her head, she couldn’t. Blood filled her mouth and poured out, flowing over her chin and down her neck. How could this creature lose so much blood and still live? Unable to swallow so much fluid she began to choke.

Blood spurted from her mouth, splattering against the evil angel’s face. He grinned and released her chin. Once he released her she tilted her head down and spit the remaining blood from her mouth, coughing and gasping for air.

“You bastard,” she said between breaths. “I will never call him. I don’t care what you do to me.”

She raised her eyes to him, not caring about the pain. She would bear it. If the roles were reversed Devin would do the same for her.

“Call him.” He yelled.

“Fuck you.” She told the creature.

Instead of shouting at her as she’d suspected, the man simply nodded his head.

“Okay,” he spoke calmly, too calmly. “It seems I no longer have use for you.” He twirled the dagger in his hand.

Christmas Fantasy Blurb:

One bite was all it took.

It’s that time of year again. Alyssa Blakely is busy writing in her fantasy diary, filling it with all her forbidden, sexual fantasies. The star: her very sexy boss, Devin Jordan. Too bad for her, he’s never given her a second glance.

Or so she thought…

After a steamy kiss under the mistletoe and a night of wild sex, Alyssa has the bite to prove just how wrong she was.

Devin Jordan has found his mate. The only problem: she’s human. He’s not. Can he prove to her that his inner beast can be both naughty and nice? Or will her fear of the unknown and a threat neither of them saw coming keep him from claiming her?


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