Girl Talk Saturday, Myths and Markings

#GirlTalk with the ‘Angels of the Apocalypse’. #FantasyDiary #Paranormal


Girl Talk is back and today’s topic is: What Do Your Characters Fear?

Today we have the Angels of the Apocalypse, from the Fantasy Diary Series, here to share what they fear as a collective.


~Angels of the Apocalypse~

1: We fear the day when the Brothers of Calamity are reunited.
2: We fear the day when the Brothers realize their real strength and use it to open the Gate of Hades.
3: We fear them bringing forth The Deceiver, the ultimate evil.
4: We fear the chaos that will erupt in all of the Realms once the Brothers begin their rampage.
5: We fear our leader, Avalos. Because now that the first of our fears have taken place. We have been ordered to kill the Brothers and those close to him. If we do not achieve this goal, our leader will be disappointed. His disappointment will lead to our deaths.

Ultimately, we fear what’s to come. Because the Brothers have reunited and they are growing stronger.

Our leader is pissed. We must not fail.


*There you have it. Even Angels of the Apocalypse have fears. Lets hope the Brothers don’t bring forth the Deceiver as prophesied. That would definitely be a bad thing.*

~Fantasy Diary Series~

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