A peek into Tease Me, Taste Me #WickedWednesday #AdultsOnly


“I need to taste you now,” he gasped. “I can’t wait. Don’t make me wait.”
Without missing a beat, she turned so that her ass faced him. She straddled his chest. No words were needed. She didn’t have to explain to him how sixty-nine worked. Once he came face to face with her pussy, he began to tongue her down.
She rode his face while he fucked her mouth. They were moving fast, unable to slow down. His tongue felt so good on her, vibrating as it pushed into her wetness. Damn, she could picture forever with him, this robot.
Her body began to shake. Her orgasm was coming. Soon she would come all over his tongue. Soon she would know what happened when he came. She sucked him harder, taking him all the way in until he touched the back of her throat.
He growled, literally growled. That pushed her to do it again, taking him all the way to the back, no gagging. He pulsed against her tongue. This was it. He was about to come. She was about to come. She used her hand to finish him off, as he continued to tongue her.
His cock began to vibrate harder, like someone had flipped the switch to the highest level. He was about to explode. She jerked hard, determined to finish him off. His name tore from her lips as her orgasm rocked her body. He didn’t stop licking her and she didn’t stop trembling.
“I feel something,” he said between licks. “Tiffanie, I think I’m about to come.”
“Come for me.”
He bucked underneath her.
“Tiffanie, I can’t stop it.”
“Don’t stop. Let it come.”
“Fuck,” he yelled.

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