COMING SOON: One Night With A Succubus



She needs sex to survive.

Lost and starving, Natina Duvo has to find food and fast. Bread and water won’t do. Only hours of rough sex will keep her alive and give her the strength she needs to complete her mission. Hopefully the men of earth will have enough stamina to survive one night with her. She will soon find out.

It’s time for Natina to hunt.

Coming 3/13/15


Available Now: Tease Me, Taste Me


“Why spend your nights with a man, when you can spend them with a machine? Machines go harder, last longer, and don’t ask silly questions afterward like, did you come?”
-Hudson Innovations – Making your life better, one machine at a time.

Tiffanie Connerly is tired of men. They lie, they cheat and they break your heart. It’s time for Tiffanie to climb off her good girl pedestal and climb on top of a cyborg. She’s ready to give machines a try.

Machines don’t lie. They tell you what you want to hear.
Machines don’t cheat. Once you purchase them, they’re yours forever.
Machines don’t break your heart. They break your headboard…

Who needs a headboard any way?


“You want us to be the first ones to try out the cyborgs?” Gemini asked.
“Yes, Gem. I want you four ladies to be my testers.”
Well hot damn. It was official. She was finally going to fuck a cyborg. Tiffanie felt herself blushing and even though she was slightly embarrassed by her thoughts, she still couldn’t wipe the grin off her face. The only one not smiling was Jessica.
“Mother, this is outrageous,” Jess flipped her hair over her shoulder and shot her mother a disgruntled glare. “I’m not about to have sex with a machine just so you can see if it works properly. Don’t you have a team of imbeciles who do this type of stuff for you?”
“Jessica, you and I will chat later. But don’t ruin your bridesmaids’ fun.”
“Yeah Jess,” Kylee pouted. “Don’t ruin our fun.”
“Consider this a gift from me to them,” Ms. Hudson said. “This is a thank you to your friends for the loyalty they’ve shown you since the day they met yet you. Real friends are hard to come by, and you’ve managed to find three. Will you allow me to show them my gratitude?”
They all turned to stare at Jessica who shifted from one foot to the other as she thought over her mother’s request.
“Oh, alright,” she finally said. “But I’m not having sex with one of those robodicks.”
Ms. Hudson laughed. “That’s what you say now. You may change your mind after you see what these robodicks can do.”


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