Fantasy Diary Series

#Free with #KindleUnlimited – The Fantasy Diary Series


Two books…. Two brothers, Both free with Kindle Unlimited….

The Fantasy Diary Series is a dark and erotic paranormal romance about a trio of misfit brothers who are trying their hardest to blend in with humans. They are able to talk like us and act like us… but no matter how hard they try, they can’t love like us.

Once they find their mates in the human world, their inner beast takes over.

Will their mates be able to handle the darkness inside of them?

You have to read the series to find out. Book 1 and 2 is available now. Book 3 is coming in 2016!


~*Christmas Fantasy Excerpt*~

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m a genius or a fool. Having her close to me allows me to keep an eye on her. I like knowing that she’s safe. But I also like feeling sane and when she’s near I’m always tethering on the edge of insanity. I refuse to fall. I refuse to give in to the cravings I have. I am strong. I can resist her. Yet I cannot deny these fears I have.

My inner demon is strong also, and he wants her. Keeping that side of me caged in is becoming an almost unbearable struggle. I fear one day I will lose control of the raging beast inside of me. Lord help her if I do.
– Devin Jordan

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Hugging couple on black background

~ *Dark Fantasies Excerpt* ~

The very first time I caught whiff of her scent I knew I had to have her. She is the only female who’s ever aroused not only me, but also the beast who lives inside of me. We both want her and we plan to have her. There is nowhere she can run to escape us. She will belong to me.

– Kelan Grant

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