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Happy Scintillating Sunday!

Have you ever wondered what demon brothers talk about? Wonder no more. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasies. In Dark Fantasies, both brothers are driven by the demons inside of them. However, one brother embraces his inner demons, while the other fights his which makes for some interesting conversations between the two. Enjoy!


“They wouldn’t let me leave,” Jackson argued.

“You expect me to believe three tiny females prevented you from leaving their home?”

“I’m serious K. Whenever I would try to go, one of them would beg me to stay. You know what that does to my incubus side. I can’t possibly leave the bed of a woman who needs me.”

Kelan was not only pissed that his brother had ditched him to go home with two sisters and their cousin. He was also pissed that he’d spent the six hours his brother was away thinking of the female he sniffed. Sniffed, who the hell does that? Thinking of her had made his prowling scent fill the air causing people who drove past him to almost wreck their cars since their attention was on him instead of the road.

What pissed him off even more was that he hadn’t joined his brother as the females requested, no begged. They begged him to join and he’d rejected them. What the hell was wrong with him? A quick, ‘sex and feed session’ would’ve eased the tension coiled within him. But no matter how prettily they begged, his beast was only prowling for one female – the brunette with the brown eyes. Again, man and beast were of the same mind. They wanted her and they would have her. First, they had to find her.

“You know if you would’ve come with us, instead of waiting outside in the car, you wouldn’t be in such a bad mood. I know you hate the animal inside of you, but if you give it what it wants every now and then you wouldn’t be so uptight.”

“I’m not a slave to my beast.” Kelan straightened his tie that had become crooked while he slumbered, waiting for Jackson.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re a super demon and you know how to keep your thirst for blood and sex at bay. If you would’ve…”

“Just start the car and go.”


One kiss was all it took.

Between work, family and her ex-boyfriend, Ashley Blakely is completely stressed out. She doesn’t have time to write in her fantasy diary or compete in the annual ‘fantasy wish’ competition her and her sisters have going. The only thing she wants for Christmas is normalcy.

All hope of a normal Christmas… or life… fly out the window the moment she’s kissed by Kelan Grant. Now she’s swept up in a whirlwind of romance, seduction and danger. She wants no part of this new life. Yet once she finds out that her sisters and her best friend are in jeopardy, she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Even allow herself to be kidnapped and handcuffed by a devil in disguise.

Dr. Kelan Grant always keeps his word. The moment he lays eyes on Ashley, he vows she will be his for eternity. He doesn’t care that his brother is mated to her sister and wants to keep their real heritage a secret from the Blakely family. Kelan will do whatever it takes to claim his bride.

Kidnapping her is the easy part. Winning her heart is going to take some strategic planning. But between the dark angels stalking him and Ashley’s constant need to break every item in his home, Kelan is having a hard time romancing the woman who he feels already belongs to him.

Will he get the eternity with Ashley he’s envisioned? Or will his enemies snatch her from his grasp and awaken the monster he tries to hide?

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***COMING IN 2016: WICKED FANTASIES: Bk 3 of the Fantasy Diary Series. Falling in love has never felt this naughty.***


AVAILABLE NOW: Christmas Fantasy – Bk 1 of the Fantasy Diary Series.

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