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#SexySaturday with the Beasts From Beyond


Welcome to Sexy Saturday! Every weekend this month I’ll share a short sexy excerpt from my new sensual Sci-Fi romance, Her Alien Protector. The novel is scheduled to be released May 28th. If you love romances that are out of this world, then you will adore Raynor and Lark’s story.


“Move away from me,” she spoke slowly making sure her voice didn’t betray her.

This creature was wreaking havoc on her mind and body. It had been two solar flares since she last had sex. Venusians were known for their sexual prowess and going that long without having someone touch her flesh was making her crazy. So crazy that even a vampire could arouse her.

“Answer the question,” he whispered, staring down at her.

“Um, I.” There it was again. The darkness in his eyes was swirling. Fascinating. She shook her head to clear it. “What was the question?”

“Has anyone ever told you that you smell divine?”

Of course not. No one flirted with her. “No, no one has ever told me that.”

“Good,” his wicked grin kicked her desire up a notch. “I get to be your first.”

Her first, she wished. Wait, no she didn’t. Her embarrassment caused her to revert back to her first line of defense, sarcasm. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re an irritating pain in the ass?”

“And lived? No. I guess that makes you my first.”

Oh my. The images his words caused her mind to create were illegal on at least three planets. She needed to get the hell away from him.

Headshot brunette woman with her eyes closed sensual portrait

***Her Alien Protector will be available on Amazon May 28th. ***
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