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#SexyScene From ‘Her Dream Lover’ #Paranormal


Happy Saturday!
Continuing with the sexy scene theme, today I’m sharing a bit of naughtiness from my paranormal romance, Her Dream Lover. Enjoy!


“You’re so beautiful,” he told her. She shook her head, not agreeing with his observation.

Her expression turned sad. “Once you start meeting other women, you’ll realize that I’m not beautiful.”

“Why would I meet other women?” Draken frowned. “I only have eyes for you and what I see pleases me.”

He could hear her heart rate accelerating. Even though she’d spoken of leaving him earlier he knew her body wanted to stay with him. Her body recognized him, needed him. If sex was what it took to keep her with him, he would give her all the sex she could handle.

Draken joined her on the bed. He lay beside her, not touching her, simply taking in her beauty. He’d thought her beautiful in dreamland. In reality, she left him speechless. Everything about her appealed to him. His mate was perfect. How did he become so blessed?

“One weekend,” she reminded him.

“Are you reminding me because you’re in a hurry for this to be over or are you eager for me to touch you?”

His question embarrassed her. He could tell from the beautiful blush creeping into her cheeks. She closed her eyes, but a smile spread across her face.

“I’m eager,” she admitted.

His beast pawed at his chest, wanting to be released. Draken pushed back, needing this to be between him and her only… this time. Later their demons could play. Her admission thrilled him.

“I’m eager also,” he told her. “There are so many things I want to do to you. So many things I want you to do to me.” Her moan brought a smile to his lips. “I fantasize about you every day,” he confessed before kissing her softly on her lips.

“I-I fantasize about you too,” she admitted.

“What kind of fantasies?” Draken rubbed his thumb over her lips.
They were so red, so ripe for kissing.

“All kinds.”

“Tell me one.”

Eyes still closed, Brandi shook her head.

“Just one,” he begged. “If you share one of your fantasies with me,
I will share one of mine with you.”

She bit her lip as she gave his suggestion some thought.

“Okay,” she swallowed as he trailed his finger up and down her arm, waiting on her to say something.


“Okay,” she said again. “After I first saw you, I began wondering how it would feel to have your lips on me.”

He’d wondered the same thing the moment he caught whiff of her scent. “You wanted my lips on you?”

She nodded.


“Everywhere,” she answered.

“Did you want my lips here?” He kissed her nose.

Brandi laughed. “No,” she said, still smiling.

“Did you want them here?” he kissed her on her forehead causing her to laugh even louder.

“Draken,” she grinned.

“What?” He asked innocently. “You said everywhere.”

“You know what I mean.”

“No I don’t.” He really didn’t. “Everywhere means everywhere.” He needed the specifics, to make sure he pleased her right.

“I wanted your lips on certain places,” she spoke softly.

“Where?” He asked again. He wasn’t going to let up. “Show me.”

Her signature blush crept up her neck spilling into her cheeks. He thought she was going to laugh and ignore the question, but she surprised him by lifting her hand. He watched, mesmerized, as she slowly rubbed her hand down her body.

He was so hard, his cock ached. Her hand continued moving south. His mouth began to water. She stopped once she reached her center. Her fingers hovered over her clit.

“There,” she whispered.

“Where?” He croaked.

“There,” she said again, still not touching her flesh.

“Show me Brandi. Touch it. Show me what you do when you fantasize about me.”


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