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Welcome to the Madly In Lust Blog Event. Today we’re featuring a seductive scene from my paranormal romance, Her Dream Lover. Enjoy this little bit of naughtiness. And it’s definitely NAUGHTY. You’ve been warned!


Every time she closes her eyes, he’s there…waiting for her.

Working night shift at a mental hospital was never Brandi Connelly’s dream job, but in order to pay her grandmother’s medical bills she’s willing to do whatever she has to. Her new job seems like a piece of cake, there is only one thing keeping her from enjoying it – Draken Barrand, a patient.

Thoughts of her patient haunt her night and day and she’s too embarrassed to tell anyone about the strange dreams she’s having about him. Partly because she’s afraid they will think she’s crazy…mostly because the things that go on while she’s sleeping make her blush.

As the nightly visions become all too real she’s afraid they’re not dreams at all. If these nightly fantasies are real, that means everything her dream lover has told her is real, which means that the little mating ritual she so excitedly participated in was real. Soon she will change into a demon and there is nothing she can do about it.

Claimed and marked, she now belongs to a creature of the night. There’s just one up side to this – he’s trapped behind the walls of a mental institution. That means she has time to figure out a way to stop the change… well, she would’ve had time, if her mate hadn’t broken out of his cell.

He’s tired of being alone.

Draken Barrand is determined to claim his mate. There’s just one problem – he’s unlawfully trapped behind the walls of a mental institution. The only way he can reach her is through her dreams, where he claims her and marks her as his own. But his mate’s life is threatened when the Leader of his Legion finds out about his unlawful mating.

Will Draken be able to break free of his cell in time to save his woman? If he does, will she finally accept him as the man of her dreams and her reality?

She held her breath as he touched her between her legs. Arousal shot through her.
“So wet,” he mumbled against her navel. “So ready.” His tongue dipped into her belly button.
Yes, she was so ready. It had been two years since she’d made love and the only lover she’d ever had was her ex. He liked to do all the work, liked to feel in control. So usually she just lay there and enjoyed, somewhat, the things he did to her.
He was never this thorough or…
All thoughts of her ex were destroyed when Draken slipped a finger inside of her. Her hips jerked. There was no way she was going to be able to stay still while he did those things to her.
Her body was on fire, burning from the inside out. Draken slid his finger in deeper and Brandi moaned at the feel of him pushing into her. He used his thumb to apply pressure to her clitoris as he slipped his finger in and out of her.
“Beautiful,” he whispered, continuing to explore her flesh. Brandi rotated her hips. His fingers slipped deeper into her.
“So wet,” he said again. “Wet for me. Only me. I could watch you like this all day, every day.” Draken continued to work her body with his fingers while he kissed and nibbled his way from her navel to the red curls of her sex. “Open your eyes.”
Brandi barely heard what Draken was saying to her. His words didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was what he was doing to her body with his fingers. She loved it, she needed this. Her body needed this. Brandi lifted her hips, causing his fingers to delve deeper into her.
“Open your eyes baby.”
She heard him that time. Brandi opened her eyes. Breathe and swallow she told herself.
Her dream lover was between her open legs, mouth hovering above the entrance of her body. Draken inhaled her scent then closed his eyes groaning.
“I need to taste you.” He opened his eyes. Using his shoulder, he nudged her legs open wider. “I need to taste you here,” he pulled his fingers out of her and rubbed her juices over her clit.
There was nothing for her to say. The only thing she could do was watch, in anticipation of what was coming next. Draken brought his face closer to her heat. So close that she could feel his breath on her p*ssy.
He placed a kiss on her tiny bud then leaned back to stare at her quivering flesh. He leaned forward again and rubbed his tongue over her clitoris. One long swipe, that was all. It set her body on fire.


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