Excerpt From Of Beasts and Bonds: Death and Destiny Trilogy, Book 2 By N.D. Jones #Paranormal


The ‘Just A Fool In Love’ event continues with a dark moment from N.D Jones’ book, Of Beasts and Bonds. Enjoy!


In a paranormal world of mystery, mythology, and magic, sometimes old bonds must be broken before new ones can be formed. Who knew that finding one’s soul mate would test bonds and unleash beasts?

Mami Wata and Oya are now free from their watery prison and ready to wage a battle five hundred years in the making. Special Agent Assefa Berber and Dr. Sanura Williams are the prophesized Cat and Fire Witch of Legend. To save the world from Mami Wata, a water goddess with a bloody thirst for power and an insatiable appetite for death and destruction, they must defeat her beasts and the Water Witch of Legend.

Assefa and Sanura are fully in love but possess only a partial mate bond. While Sanura has merged their auras, bonding Assefa’s cat spirit to her, she has yet to accept his claiming bite. Their incomplete mate bond and their new relationship are tested when Mami Wata sets her malevolent eyes on them, manipulating beasts, sacrificing humans, and creating heartache. Can their bond survive, or will they drown under the vicious tide of godly might?


Realm of the Gods

“Oh, but they are most delicious, sister.” Mami Wata stroked the warm tropic scales of her Titanoboa, its tan-and-gray head between her large breasts, the remainder of the snake’s twenty-foot body coiled about her naked form. The snake’s head rose, nuzzled her neck, and then burrowed its face in the sea of her crinkled black hair. “Particularly the were-cat. I think I will enjoy devouring him most of all. What do you think, sister?”
Mami Wata lowered the polished metal disc she held in her hand, an ancient looking glass crafted of gold, pearls, diamonds, and water goddess magic. Through her scrying glass, she observed all—the mortal battlefield of play upon which her well-laid plans would unfold.
Layer by layer by beastly layer.
She turned to her sister. On the other side of the room, a structure designed by Ra and placed in the center of the realm, Oya reclined on a Mngwa print bench. Plush and elegant, Oya all but sank into the luxurious piece of furniture, purple silk draped over her nude form, and emerald eyes staring up at Mami Wata with arrogant, willful familiarity.
Mami Wata smiled. “I will feast on that kitty of yours, sister.”
As Mami Wata had done to her Titanoboa, Oya laid a hand upon the Mngwa print bench and stroked. “I think not. He will be the one to feast upon your pets.”
Mami Wata’s warm smile never wavered, although freezing ocean water ran through her veins, cooling her temper and slowing her immortal pulse.
“He should not even exist.”
“Yet he does, and he is mine.”
“No, sister, what you should have said is that he is mine. For the next few weeks, I own him. And your pathetic fire witch.”
Mami Wata peered into the scrying glass. The fire witch no longer cried, nor were the mortals huddled together outside. They had retreated to their bedroom. From a chaise lounge in the corner of the darkened room, the little witch, legs pulled to chest and arms around knees, watched the were-cat through the glass balcony doors. Though, in human form, he prowled the wrought-iron enclosure, back straight, chin held high, but eyes a savage gold. The first fissure in his chainmail of self-control.
“They are stronger than you think.”
“You speak with such confidence, sister. But that will soon change, for I intend to break the were-cat.”
A hand blown glass statue of a Mngwa appeared in Mami Wata’s hand. She let it slip onto the stone floor, shattering upon impact. “Break him.” A second figurine materialized in her hand, made of stone resin. That too tumbled out of her hand and onto the floor, cracking into a dozen pieces. “Break him.” She opened her left hand, in the center slept a newborn Mngwa. She tossed the cub into the air.
Her Titanoboa opened its mouth and caught the cub, devouring it in one smooth gulp.
Mami Wata grinned at Oya. “Break him.”
The Titanoboa slithered its massive frame down and off Mami Wata. It hissed at Oya, coiling its lower half and rearing up in a show of aggression and solidarity with its mistress.
Reaching out a hand, she stroked the head of her pet. Such a beautiful and loyal creature. All her pets were, even her mortal pets. They would do her bidding whether they wished to obey or not. No one refused a goddess and lived.
“You and your consort have done much to aid my war cause. The sentimental fools that you are. Thank you, sister, for making my efforts that much easier.”
The purple silk cascaded from Oya’s body when she stood, her eyes glowing murderous red.
The Titanoboa opened its mouth wide, razor-sharp fangs white and dangerous. It attacked, lunging at Oya with an unnatural speed and grace.
Up in flames her magnificent and stupid pet went. A hissing, writhing snake driven to extinction in the mortal realm, but alive here due to Mami Wata’s grace. Now scales of ash and charred flesh befouled the cruel air between the goddesses.
A space where love and sisterhood should have been but where bloody competition had only ever existed.
She could make another Titanoboa. But there was only one cat of legend. Once he was gone …
Mami Wata laughed. “I will destroy his loving heart. It is the were-cat’s greatest weakness. And without her lover’s heart, the fire witch will succumb easily to my water witch. The wheels of his defeat are already set in motion. Now return to your spectator’s bench, dear sister, and watch the destruction of Sekhmet’s Mngwa of myth.”

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/p1_YWkNL7II

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Beasts-Bonds-Paranormal-Romance-Destiny-ebook/dp/B01FWLXNJG/


N. D. Jones lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. Having earned a M.A. in Political Science, she is a dedicated educator. She taught high school social studies for nine years. Currently, she is a professional development teacher specialist with a local Maryland school system, working on increasing student achievement through teacher and administrator efficacy. N.D. is also a continuing education student who is pursuing her doctorate in education in Community College Leadership.

A desire to see more novels with positive, sexy, and three-dimensional African American characters as soul mates, friends, and lovers, inspired the author to take on the challenge of penning such romantic reads. She is the author of two paranormal romance series: Winged Warriors and Death and Destiny. N.D. likes to read historical and paranormal romance novels, as well as comics and manga.

Website: http://www.ndjonesparanormalpleasure.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ndjonesparanormalromanceauthor/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/NDJones

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NDJonesauthor

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ndjones001


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  1. Hey Siren:

    Thank you so much for introducing us to so many wonderful books and authors. More, I appreciate you spotlighting “Of Beasts and Bonds” and for giving me an opportunity to share my paranormal romance with your great readers.

    N.D. Jones

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