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Cinderella and the Wolf Prince Sexy Teaser. #FairyTale #SirensTale #ParanormalRomance

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Today, I’m sharing a sexy teaser from my latest release, Cinderella And The Wolf Prince. Enjoy!


He moved forward, stretching her as he slid into her heat. She’d never felt so full. He kept going, until he was fully seated inside of her. He lifted his mouth from hers.

“Mine,” he growled before pulling out and surging forward.

Pleasure exploded inside her. Her brain didn’t have time to fully register it before he was pulling out and slamming into her again, and again. She could barely catch her breath as he rode her.

Who needed to breathe anyway? This felt more important than air. And the sounds he was making… damn, they made her all tingly on the inside. Add to that what his c*ck was doing to her, and she knew she wasn’t going to last long.

It was supposed to be the male who lacked stamina, not the female. That was what all the Ladies of the Night said. Apparently, Cinderella was the exception. She wasn’t going to last as long as him. She could feel it. Her body began to tremble.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he rested his forehead in the crook of her neck. Her body rocked with the force of his thrusts. The bed squeaked underneath them. His hands slipped under her body and he gripped her a**, holding her closer to him.

His movements became more frantic. His lips were everywhere. Her neck, then her chest, then her lips, then her neck again. It was beautiful chaos. And the symphony their bodies were creating was amazing.

Who knew skin slapping against skin could sound so erotic? She’d undervalued sex all these years. It wasn’t disgusting nor sticky and rarely worth the three minutes of discomfort. With the right person, it lasted way longer than three minutes.

And that stickiness felt good. Damn good. But she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. Each thrust made the pressure build more and more. She was going to come. There was no stopping it.

Then he did something unexpected. He bit her. As in, sank his teeth into her neck. There was pain, but there was also pleasure. And that pleasure tipped her over the edge. She cried out.


I hope you enjoyed this sexy teaser from Cinderella And The Wolf Prince. Both books in my Siren Tale’s series are FREE w/Kindle Unlimited. Each book features a different fairy tale theme. These books do not have to be read in order.

Cinderella And The Wolf Prince is FREE w/Kindle Unlimited


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