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New Year’s Resolutions with Enzo and Eve!

Happy Saturday.

Welcome to Siren’s Book Chat. Guess what? It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me. I’m excited to be spending my b-day with the characters from Brutal Bloodline and Enzo DeLuca. Today, they’ll be sharing with you three of their New Year’s resolutions. Say hello to Enzo and Eve. Enzo and Eve, say hello to the readers.

Enzo: Hello.

Eve: Hey, everyone. How are you? We’re excited to be here with you all.

Enzo: Are we?

Eve: Enzo, behave.

Enzo sighs and glares at me.

Siren: I know you’re a busy man, Enzo. So, I’ll make this interview quick.

Enzo: Do that.

Eve slaps Enzo’s shoulder.

Eve: Be nice. It’s her birthday.

Enzo: I’ve got people to kil…

Eve: Kim! He was going to say Kim.

Siren: He has people to Kim? That doesn’t make sense.

Eve: It’s an Italian word, Siren. You don’t speak Italian. You wouldn’t understand.

Siren: Okay. What does it mean?

Eve: It means… to, uh, grow.

Siren: Oh, so Enzo has people to grow?

Eve: Siren, mind your business before we Kim you.

Siren: Alright. Alright. Let’s get to the resolutions. My resolutions are the same as every year. Eat better, work out more, write more books, and drink more water.

Eve: Boring!

Siren: Hey. Those are good resolutions.

Eve: They’re boring. Eat what you want. Drink wine, not water. Life is short. Enjoy it.

Siren: I do enjoy it. I just want to be healthier.

Eve: I guess. Can I tell you my resolutions?

Siren: Sure, go ahead.

Eve: Okay. I want to cook more.

Enzo starts coughing. Eve gives him a death glare. Siren tries not to laugh.

Eve: Anyway! I plan to cook more. The more I do it, the better I’ll get at it.

Enzo: If you don’t burn the house down in the process.

Eve: Enzo, wait your turn.

Enzo nods.

Eve: My second resolution is to find my missing bestie, Sienna. I hope she is safe and sound. But I want her to join me in Italy. I want her to start a new life there. Or, at least rest here until she figures out what she wants to do next.

Enzo: I hope once we find her, she’ll settle down here, so you can meet up with her whenever you want. Stefano’s single. If your friend is single, she should give Stefano a try.

Eve rolls her eyes.

Eve: Stefano and Sienna? Not happening. They’re too different. My friend is vibrant and full of life. Stefano is cold-hearted and boring. He’d bore her to death.

Enzo: He’s not boring. He’s just…

Eve: Unapproachable. Ruthless. Cold. Detached. Emotionally unavailable. Savage.

Enzo: Yeah, that pretty much sums him up.

Eve: Right! Sienna and Stefano would not get along. Anyway, my third resolution is to go on a world tour to meet all of Enzo’s relatives. He has cousins, uncles, aunts, and more are all over the world. I hope to meet them all soon.

Enzo: It’s okay if you don’t meet all of them. They’re a bit much.

Eve: I can handle your family, Enzo.

Enzo: I know you can, love. I still want to keep you all to myself.

Eve: Jealous A$$.

Enzo: Me, jealous? Yesterday, you threatened to kil… Kim a cashier for looking at me for too long.

Eve shrugs.

Eve: I just thought she didn’t want her eyes anymore. I was going to help her get rid of them. I was being helpful. I’m nice like that.

Enzo chuckles.

Enzo: Is it time for me to list my resolutions, Siren?

Siren: It is. I’m ready to hear them.

Enzo: One, I hope Eve never changes. I love her just the way she is.

Eve blushes.

Enzo: I hope Eve lets our cook do her job. She gets paid to cook. There’s no need for you to help out, love.

Eve: But I want to.

Enzo: There’s no need.

Eve: But…

Enzo: No need. My third resolution is, I hope to kil… Kim all of my enemies this year. I don’t have time to worry about someone betraying me. Those who need to be… Kimmed, will be Kimmed. That’s it.

Siren: Oh, um, okay. Well, happy Kimming.

Enzo: Thanks.

Siren: I guess that’s it, guys. Thanks for joining me on my birthday. I appreciate you. Readers, help me in thanking Enzo and Eve for joining us. Now, if you want to see how these two met, check out Brutal Bloodline and Enzo DeLuca on Amazon. Brutal Bloodline is FREE. Eve mentioned her bestie, Sienna. Enzo mentioned Stefano. You’ll get to read all about them in Stefano DeLuca. It’s coming in March, but you can preorder it today. The links are below. Happy weekend. More character interviews coming soon!

Brutal Bloodline – FREE –

Enzo DeLuca:

Stefano DeLuca:

Got a new year’s resolution? Comment to let me know what it is!

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