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Her Dom’s Journal – Part 3

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Her Dom’s Journal Part Three

London traced her finger over the dried ink, savoring her Dom’s written words.

‘She will be mine and she will love it.’

How did he know?

The weekend they went away together she hadn’t known she would fall in love with her tall, dark and handsome Dom. She hadn’t expected to move into his condo with him a few months later. The only thing she expected from that weekend was a good time. But she’d gotten more, so much more.

London turned the page, eager to see what else her Dom had written in his journal about her.

‘I love her.’

London smiled and blushed. She had no idea why she was blushing. She already knew he loved her but reading those words, written by his hand, sent tingles all over her body.

‘I’ve only spent one night with this woman and I already know I want to spend my life with her. She’s wonderful – from the top of her flaming red hair to the bottom of her pedicured feet. I love every inch of her. But she still hasn’t agreed to let me collar her.’

London frowned, what was it with Dom’s and their need to collar a girl?

If they wanted to collar something they needed to buy a puppy. She would never allow herself to be collared.

‘She doesn’t understand this lifestyle – doesn’t appreciate it yet. But she will and soon. I can tell that I excite her from the look in her eyes. She’s never allowed a man to handcuff her to a bed before, but she has agreed to allow me to do that to her tonight. I’m honored by this. It shows that she’s coming to trust me. She’s slowly allowing herself to experiment more with this lifestyle. I have to admit that I am proud that she has never been with another Dom. I am going to enjoy teaching her the ways of this world. The only problem is that she speaks as if this is going to be our first and last weekend together. She thinks she has a choice in the matter of staying or going, she thinks she can decide to leave me once this weekend is over.

I won’t let her.

If its jewels she wants, money, or clothes – I will buy her anything she desires. I will use everything at my disposal to keep this woman happy, to keep her with me. In time she will learn to love me the way that I love her.’

London’s cell phone began to ring beside her as she turned to the next page in the Journal. The music coming from the phone let her know her Dom was calling. She decided to be a bad girl and let it go to voice mail.

He’d probably just realized he left his journal behind. She was going to be in so much trouble when he returned home from his trip in a week. But it was going to be so worth it. She would’ve never known that he fell in love with her their first weekend together if she had not read his journal.

Though she never admitted it to him or anyone else – that was also the weekend she fell in love with him. He’d shown her so many new and exciting things during their first weekend together, how could a girl not fall in love with a man who could lick her into oblivion in T minus 10 seconds?

London stared at the first sentence on the next page of his journal.

‘Being inside this woman is like being in my own personal erotic heaven. She’s so responsive, so wet and warm. My taste buds will never get enough of her flavor. I could feast on her wetness forever.”

London clutched her thighs together tightly. Damn it, she missed her Dom.

The next entry is available: https://sirenallen.com/2013/04/02/week-4-of-her-doms-journal/.


3 thoughts on “Her Dom’s Journal – Part 3”

  1. Where is part 6 of my doms journal ?very interesting read, I really enjoy reading these short stories and I am anxious to see what is going to happen in part 6 .when will it be available for the viewers eyes? Thumbs up to the author for her passionate,stimulating, and intriguing

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