Book Cover Monday!

Book Cover Monday – Translation of Love By Alice Montalvo-Tribue


I know they say to never judge a book by it’s cover but as readers we do this all the time.

This cover is for Author Alice Montalvo-Tribue’s new book Translation of Love which is scheduled to be released April 25, 2013. From the look in the Hero and Heroine’s eyes I can easily translate what they are saying and I can’t wait to read this book to see if my translation is correct. (I get chills from the intense look in their eyes.)

On Author Alice Montalvo-Tribue’s Facebook page she has a teaser from her new book and trust me it is nice.

You can find Author Alice Montalvo-Tribue on facebook @!/pages/Alice-Montalvo-Tribue/216980565108887?fref=ts

Her book will be released on 4-25-2013. I’m excited! đŸ™‚

This book has officially been judged by it’s cover and I can’t wait to read it!

xoxo Siren!/pages/Siren-Allen-Author/512231995485122

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