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Corporate Bedroom by Author Michelle Outlaw!


Happy Saturday!

I have been waiting all week for Author Michelle Outlaw’s book to be released and finally the day is here! (So Excited)

Author Michelle Outlaw has stopped by to talk to us about her steamy new book that I can’t wait to read. (I just purchased it)

Every one welcome Author Michelle Outlaw to the blog today by clapping real loud.

Siren: Welcome Michelle and thanks for allowing me to interview you. I want to start this off by asking you to tell the world the name of your new release:

Michelle: Corporate Bedroom I – Genre Erotica. Release date March 30th on Amazon.

Siren: Where can we find you on the web?

Michelle: I’m on Facebook Author Michelle Outlaw –
I am horrible; I am currently working on the web page.

Siren: Don’t feel bad. I’m sure that when the site is finally up it’s going to be worth the wait. Michelle tell us a little bit about yourself.

Michelle – I am a hedonistic voyeur. I love watching people enjoy themselves. I enjoyed my twenties which is where a lot of my characters and stories come from. I love beautiful things, and I do not mean superficially. Sexy goes a lot further than fine! I want people to be lost in my stories, and experience the characters as if they were right there with them.

One interesting fact about me is that I always love the villains of my stories, if there is a villain in the story there is more of me in that character. A fact that will probably confuse people about me is that I absolutely think that kissing is totally disgusting, but I find lips fascinating. Most of my profile pictures will have lips, but kissing freaks me out. I even have a difficult time when my characters kiss. So that is a little peek into my strange quirk.

Siren: I’m glad I am not the only one that thinks kissing is a little weird. Just the thought of swapping spit disgusts me. Then again I am a hypocrite because I seem to do just fine with other body fluids…okay I’m getting off track here, sorry.
Please continue Michelle, lol. (Just joking about the other body fluids comment; sorta kinda!)

Michelle: 🙂 My goal is to tell a good story, I want people to discuss the characters with friends because they are just that interesting. The first two e-books are short erotic stories; however, my novels will be erotic thrillers. I always want to keep my reader guessing, and engaged in the story and with the characters. I want the reader to be taken through emotional changes with the characters, and to hold their breath until the book ends. I want you to experience the book to the point that you have an emotional reaction when it is over.

Siren: How old were you when you realized that writing was what you wanted to do with your life?

Michelle: I have been writing since I was in the 7th grade. I won writing contests while in high school, and I won scholarships for college! My college professors would tear my writing apart now.

Siren: Who has inspired you the most along your journey as a writer?

Michelle: My inspiration comes from my mom, hubby, and some book addicts at work. The book addicts are the ones that will tell me if something sucks or if I have entertained them well enough to be given their seal of approval. Believe me these women (Eve, Ashanti, and Twanda) can be brutal!

Siren: LOL, but it’s good to have a group of friends who will give you their honest opinion. Thanks Eve, Ashanti and Twanda for being honest with Michelle.

How did you come up with the idea of your current book?

Michelle: I know how much work can stress people out. People spend most of their lives at their jobs, when you spend so much of your time in one place; you develop relationships with those you see on a daily basis. I wanted to create short stories about characters that were successful, but needed that outlet from their progression in their career.

Maybe it will make employees look at their boss’s and co-workers in a different light because when we are nude, we can be vulnerable. (In some cases…) These characters all have facades in public and in the boardroom. The reader will find out in the corporate bedroom, there is no façade only bare skin. These are short stories, which gives each character a voice and a space of their own. I suggest a quiet place and a person with um “talents” nearby because each story will take you to a pleasurable garden where you will be an invited voyeur.

Siren: You hear that readers? You have officially been invited to be a voyeur in the Corporate Bedroom! How did you come up with the title, Corporate Bedroom?

Michelle: That is interesting – my publisher had me change the title. Originally I called it Freakernizing, a play off fraternizing. We discussed it and decided to go with Corporate Bedroom. The people in these short stories are all professionals, who need a release, and a walk down the road less traveled.

Siren: What advice would you give to others who are interested in/or currently working towards becoming a published author.

Michelle: Write and/or be creative every day. Invest in a digital recorder; sometimes the muse will visit you at the weirdest times. Keep that recorder with you, in case you can’t get to your computer. Seek mentors; I want to be clear about mentors. For me a mentor would be someone who wants to help you develop your voice. Keep in mind not everyone is going to love your work, but don’t let those who do not have the communication or people skills to give you constructive criticism in a respectful way discourage you.. Keep writing!

Siren: I love that answer! I learned the hard way that not everyone is there to help. Some people enjoy tearing others down.

What books/authors have influenced your writing?

Michelle: Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series I love all her books, but that series is one of my favorite. I have recently become a big fan of Kenya Wright’s; love her erotic paranormal series. Madame Bovary was a book that has stayed with me for years. A woman viewed as a harlot, but I found her to be awesome. I love books with strong women, women who are not afraid to explore their sexuality while at the same time attempting to follow rules always draws me in.

Siren: Do you ever experience writer’s block?

Michelle: Yes, I have had my muse leave me, but the crazy thing is that if I watch something on Investigation Discovery she returns to me. Looney I know.

Siren: That’s hilarious. Do you write an outline before every book you write?

Michelle: Great question and the answer to that is no. I cannot write outlines for my stories. I saw on someone’s page they had handwritten their novel, and that absolutely blew me away. Everything I do, I do at the computer. I just sit down and begin writing. An outline just stifles my creativity; due to the fact that I just let the characters become who they are from my head to the screen. When I am writing I feel like the goddess who watches the mortals, I let things play out without interfering too much. (Yes I love mythology, and no I do not have a god complex) As writers we create worlds, and literally can rule over them. LOL

Siren: I totally understand. I think in another life you and I were sisters because I feel the same way about a lot of the things we’re talking about. LOL; outlining works for some authors but I have to just let my characters do their own thing. They don’t like it when I meddle too much in their affairs!

What is your favorite time of the day to write and your favorite place to write?

Michelle: I am definitely a night person. I work during the day, very long hours, but I have to write every day and it has to be after 10pm.

Siren: One last question before you leave Michelle, you know I have to ask a question about Fashion; who is your favorite Fashion Designer and why?

Michelle: Oh wow favorite designer, hmm. That is hard. Monif C. Bein Roule at the moment. Donna of course if they can design for size sexy and height, I am almost 6ft.

Thanks so much for coming through Michelle. I have enjoyed chatting with you and can’t wait to read your book. Today is the day Readers, Corporate Bedroom is now available on Amazon. I have to read it; I have been waiting all week for this release. I wish you much success Author Michelle Outlaw and thanks again. Corporate Bedroom 2 will be released in April.

You can find book one at:

The cover is sexy! I am a sucker for sexy covers! Time for me to go read! 🙂

xoxo Siren

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