Girl Talk Saturday

Girl Talk Saturday with Jude and Carissa from Lovers Unchained


Welcome to Girl Talk Saturday! Today I am going to share what a couple of my characters from Lovers Unchained are thankful for.

Dark Witch COVER-new

Title – Lovers Unchained
Author – Siren Allen
Genre – Erotic Paranormal


What am I thankful for?

1 – Finding my best friend. (Who I thought needed rescuing, but didn’t. I wish she would have let me know that before I traveled to the Dark Realm and allowed myself to be kidnapped.
2 – For my mate – Jude…all I can say is WOW! Had I not allowed myself to be kidnapped I would not have met you.
3 – For my dragon – thanks for sticking by my side, literally. Dragons are truly a girls best friend.
4 – For the friends I made while imprisoned – Bruce and Cole. Cole, I am so sorry for what happened to you. We will rescue you…this I promise.
5 – For my mate…yes, he gets mentioned twice. Once again all I can say is WOW. This mating thing is still kind of new to me, but I think I like it – especially at night. 🙂


What am I thankful for?

1 -For my mate. I need you like I need the air in my lungs. You complete me. You give me strength and hope and I plan to spend eternity showing you how much you mean to me.
2- For sex, yes I said it…SEX. I went twenty years without it, hells yea I’m thankful for it.
3 – For my curse – If it wasn’t for the curse placed upon me twenty years ago I would still be that egotistical demon who thought he ruled the world. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thankful that I was cursed.
4 – For Bruce, Faede and Cole. Cole, I’m coming for you buddy. Hang tight and try to stay alive until I get there.
5 – For my inner demon, without you, where would I be? There are trying times ahead and I need you now more than ever.

Lovers Unchained – Blurb/synopsis

A Cursed Demon
Twenty years ago Jude made a huge mistake resulting in him and four of his best friends being cursed by the Dark Witch. For twenty years he has searched for his mate-the only being able to break the curse placed on him. Until he finds her he will not be able to release the pent up sexual energy that is driving him insane. On his journey to find his mate he is captured and held prisoner by Lana, a vicious vampiress.

A Sex Crazed Vampiress
Lana is intrigued by Jude’s ability to resist making love to her. She doesn’t know of the curse placed upon him years ago. No matter how hard she tries to seduce him she always fails. His life means nothing to her and she is ready to end his existence, but first she must know what prevents him from succumbing to her seduction. She wonders if it’s her…or if Jude is like this with all women. To test her theory Lana places one of her female prisoners, Carissa, and Jude together. To her dismay, sparks ignite between the two captives.

A Witch on a Mission
Carissa is searching for her friend who is rumored to have been captured by Lana and her men. She doesn’t plan on finding love but she can’t resist the attraction she feels for her fellow captive, Jude. She senses the desire raging through him and yearns to ease the tension coursing through his muscled body. However, their lust for one another angers Lana and can only lead to one thing…death for both her and Jude.

Now that Jude has found his mate he must get them both to safety before Lana destroys them.

Will Jude lose his mate so soon after finding her or will they escape Lana’s wrath and form a bond so strong nothing and no one can break it?

Siren – Now it’s my turn! What am I thankful for?

I’m thankful that Lovers Unchained received a contract from Torrid books and is now available on:

Amazon –

Also, I’m thankful for my hubby for putting up with all my late night writing and for believing in my even when I didn’t believe in myself. I am thankful for all the readers who loved my book and left amazing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks. 🙂

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Twitter – @SirenAllen


A little eye candy….you’re welcome! 🙂

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