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Girl Talk Saturday with Aoife Brennan


Welcome to Girl Talk Saturday. Today I have author Aoife Brennan sharing with us Ten Things she’s thankful for. I have to agree whole heartedly with her on number 1 and 8. I need for her to explain to me what number 6 is? It sounds very interesting! 🙂

Aoife Brennan

10 Things that I am grateful for:

1. That I am a woman. That I can climax multiple times. That I am always ready. That I do not need cock rings, Viagra or fluffers to get me in the mood. That sometimes I can orgasm without even touching myself. To be a woman is amazing.
2. That I am in my forties. I am extremely fit; I hill walk, go to the gym and ride horses. That I am very comfortable with my own body. I have much better sex now in this decade than in any other. I am only getting into my stride. I believe sex will continue to get better as I age.
3. That photography is so beautiful. My friend John Tisbury is a fetish photographer. His work is beautiful. When I am next in London, I am going to do a session with him. I want him to tie me up and photograph me. I am not joking. Look at his work here and how he does it. I am going to be next
4. That I have a gay sugar daddy. Again really. Every girl should have one. He is so complimentary and gorgeous and such fun to be with. He makes me feel sexy and alive – in a way that a straight man does not. Don’t believe me? Read what he wrote:
5. That there are toy boys who love older woman. Of course, in my forties that definition means anyone younger than me, so I can combine a youthfulness and maturity in a toyboy and still be the envy of my friends. Toy boys have endless energy, no baggage and a keen appreciation for a woman happy in her own skin. I love them!
6. Puppies. I am grateful for puppies. For latex covered puppies. I met some at in London and they were just divine. I wanted to bring one home. They frolic and play. You can rub their ears and feed them biscuits. They will even read your novels and give it a woof woof of approval.
7. Orgies. They really are a lot of fun. It is the most polite sex with people that you can have. And when you see them next in a fashionable bar in Dublin, you can just nod and smile. That is, if you recognise them fully clothed
8. For sex toys. Nothwithstanding that I may not need them, I certainly enjoy playing with them. Most sextoy shops are more like Apple shops than sex shops – a joy to browse.
9. For winter and log fires and cosy nights in. There is nothing more romantic than sex on the rug in front of an open fire. Ireland may not have the best weather in the world, but all that rain means we can stay indoors instead.
10. For Chris Sex God. You can meet him in The Cougar Diaries, Part I, II and III

oh – and I want to add an eleventh thing

I am very grateful that James Deen, the international porn star, has agreed to cameo in my final book in The Cougar Diaries Trilogy. You will have to wait until the book comes out in December to see what happens when they meet!



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