Girl Talk Saturday

#GirlTalk with the characters from Mission Hills #Thankful #GTS


Girl Talk Saturday is back and this month’s topic is,
‘Name Five Reasons You’re Thankful This Holiday Season’.

Today I have the characters from Natalie Birzer’s new release, Mission Hills, sharing what they’re thankful for this season.


What the Mission Hills girls are thankful for:

· Being the most popular girl in school
· Having the most amazing and expensive wardrobe
· Jasmine’s delicious Paleo meals
· The most remarkable figure a girl could ask for
· Visa, American Express, MasterCard


· Family
· Being cheer captain
· Good health
· Beautiful changing seasons
· Friends in Dallas


· Friends
· Marcus Collins
· Perfect report card
· Cell phone with unlimited texting
· Living in the best city ever


Book Blurb:
Mission Hills is a novel about best friends and feuding frenemies. Madison is Queen Bee of Bluemont High in Mission Hills. She wears the coolest clothes, goes to the hottest clubs, and lives in the biggest house in town, with essentially no supervision from her absentee father. Best of all, Madison is hot and she knows it. She has no trouble getting boys to notice her, but why do they never seem to stick around?

Her best friend, Ella, used to be happily content in Madison’s shadow, better to be quietly in the popular group than loudly out of it. But after that kiss, the only thing Ella wants is for Marcus to want her back. So why won’t he just text her back? This cheerleader is about to emerge from the shadows and she is ready to do whatever she needs to do to get noticed.

However, the lively social scene at Bluemont High better watch out because pretty Lila is new in town and she is ready to overthrow Madison’s reign and shake things up in Mission Hills.

~Mission Hills is available now.~

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