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Excerpt: The Makeover #NerdGirlsLoveHard #NerdsBeLike #RomanticComedy Tour

Excerpt: Conversation between Chad and his sister, Christy.


When Chad pulled up at the clinic thirty minutes late he knew his sister was going to be pissed. Without his phone, he didn’t have an alarmed clock. He was starting to realize how much he depended on the blasted phone. If he didn’t find it today he was going to have to buy a new one.

Christy’s car was in the parking lot, but she wasn’t in it. She’d used her key to open up. When he entered the building he expected to smell fresh brewed coffee and maybe doughnuts. That was not the greeting he received.

“Good morning.” He said to his sister as he shut the back door behind him and locked it.

She was seated at the break-room table with her arms crossed and a sour expression on her face.

“Um,” Chad stared from her to the coffee pot. “Do you want to make some coffee?”

“Do I look like I want to make some coffee?”

Whoa. He didn’t know how to answer that. It had been a while since he’d last worked with Christy. He was no longer accustomed to her random mood swings and outbursts. He didn’t have this problem with April.

“Did your husband do something to piss you off? If so, don’t take it out on me.”

‘No, Chad, my husband didn’t do anything to piss me off. My husband is a great man, unlike you.”

“Hey, what did I do to you?”

Christy continued as if he hadn’t asked her a question. “My husband is a faithful man, he’s one of the good guys. He wouldn’t take his psycho ex-girlfriend out on a date while I was out of town.”
Damn it. Something was definitely wrong here.

“My husband loves me and knows that I would open up a large can of whoop ass if I thought for a second that he was cheating on me. See Chad, the difference between my husband and you, is that my husband appreciates me. I’m not shallow, I don’t dress like a low class hooker, and he likes that. But you, you want a woman who’s been with so many men her vagina has a waiting room in it.”

“Listen, Christy.”

“No you listen. When I pulled up today, on time, there was an envelope taped to the back door. Yes, I opened it.” Christy leaned to the side, picked up a large brown envelope, and slid it across the table. Chad caught it before it hit the floor.

“You should probably sit down for this,” she told him.
Oh hell.

Chad sat his briefcase on the floor then sat down and emptied the contents of the envelope onto the table
“My cell phone, why the hell is my cell phone in this envelope? Who put this on my door?”

“The envelope wasn’t marked. But read the note.”
Chad picked up the note and unfolded the pink paper.

~Dear Chad,
I hope you had a great night with your little girlfriend. ~

Chad closed the letter and laid his forehead against the table. He groaned.

“Keep reading, I doubt you’ve gotten to the good part that quickly.”

“Just tell me, did she call April?”
Please tell me she didn’t call April.

“Your Ms. Haney…”

“She’s not my Ms. Haney.”

“According to the video she sent April from your phone she is definitely your Ms. Haney.”

“Damn it,” Chad raised his head and finished reading the letter.

~I thought when you found out about all the problems my family and I were having you would do the right thing and take me back. You didn’t. I get it, I hurt you and now you’re making me suffer for it. But here’s the thing. I don’t like suffering alone. It’s your turn to suffer. Once we’re even we can start over. Love you much, tell April I said hi.
Sandra. ~

“She’s crazy,” Chad tossed the letter onto the table.

“Yes she is. You already knew that. But she comes in here, sheds a few tears and suddenly you’re ‘Captain save a hoe’.”

Who the hell was ‘Captain save a hoe’?

“I was just trying to help her out. To get her mind off her problems.”

“Yeah, and it backfired. You can’t help out people like Sandra. You can help homeless people. You can help people who are down on their luck or people who need a shoulder to cry on. But you can’t help gold diggers. You need to watch the video she sent April.”

“What video?”

“Look in your sent text messages and before you ask, yes I went through your text messages.”

Chad opened the message and played the video. An image of his bedroom popped up on the screen. What the hell?


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