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Welcome to my stop on the Scintillating Sunday blog hop! It’s nice seeing you again this week. Today I’m sharing eight paragraphs from my paranormal romance, Dark Fantasies: Book 2 of The Fantasy Diary Series.


“I can’t wait for you to bite me,” she whispered before raising herself up and moving down his body.

“I won’t hurt you, I swear,” he moaned. She sure hoped he didn’t hurt her. Ashley didn’t stop until she was face to face with his cock. She wrapped her hand around it, gripping it tightly. He pulsed in her palm. He was hard as steel yet as soft as velvet. It was a wonderful contradiction. She trailed her finger nails up his thigh while using her other hand to pull up and push down on his length. She relished the way his hips moved up and down.

She was ready to know what he tasted like. Ashley leaned her head forward, but he stopped her, gripping her hair and keeping her from wrapping her lips around him. It was right there in front of her, so close yet he was preventing her from making this fantasy come true.

“Wait Ashley, I have one more question.”

“No more questions,” she told him. He may be holding her head and keeping her from sucking him into her mouth but her tongue could still reach him. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of his cock. Both man and beast groaned. The sound made her feel bold.
“Release me,” she told him. “Let me taste you.”

“I will, but first I have to ask you this. Are you mine now? Does this mean you belong to me? Will you stop trying to leave me?”

I will not cry, she told herself. I will not shed one tear. What I’m doing is not wrong. But if it was right, why was she feeling so guilty and even though she was guilt-ridden, why was she still willing to lie to him? Probably because she was no better than he was.

“I won’t try to leave you again,” she made a promise she had no intention of keeping.

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**Book Blurb**

One kiss was all it took.

Between work, family and her ex-boyfriend, Ashley Blakely is completely stressed out. She doesn’t have time to write in her fantasy diary or compete in the annual ‘fantasy wish’ competition her and her sisters have going. The only thing she wants for Christmas is normalcy.

All hope of a normal Christmas… or life… fly out the window the moment she’s kissed by Kelan Grant. Now she’s swept up in a whirlwind of romance, seduction and danger. She wants no part of this new life. Yet once she finds out that her sisters and her best friend are in jeopardy, she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Even allow herself to be kidnapped and handcuffed by a devil in disguise.

Dr. Kelan Grant always keeps his word. The moment he lays eyes on Ashley, he vows she will be his for eternity. He doesn’t care that his brother is mated to her sister and wants to keep their real heritage a secret from the Blakely family. Kelan will do whatever it takes to claim his bride.

Kidnapping her is the easy part. Winning her heart is going to take some strategic planning. But between the dark angels stalking him and Ashley’s constant need to break every item in his home, Kelan is having a hard time romancing the woman who he feels already belongs to him.

Will he get the eternity with Ashley he’s envisioned? Or will his enemies snatch her from his grasp and awaken the monster he tries to hide?

***A look into book two – Dark Fantasies: Ashley and Kelan’s story.***

Dear Diary,

I haven’t written to you in a long while. I’ve been so busy with, well, life. But now I have something juicy to share and I’m not allowed to tell anyone else. Of course Alyssa knows, but she’s going through a few changes right now so my new protector won’t let me see her. My protector is who I’m writing to you about today.

You see, I’ve been kidnapped. No, don’t panic, it’s not anything to get upset about. At first I thought it was. When he first took me I was pissed. But I’m slowly learning that this beast who calls himself my mate is simply a big softy, who wouldn’t harm me no matter how many times I tell him to f**k off, and I do tell him that a lot.

Anyway, we’re kind of hiding from these angel assassins right now so I figure, why not take advantage of this situation and use it to do some research for my erotic romance column. I already have the title for the column picked out: ‘How To Seduce A Vampire.’ My readers are going to love it.

Of course, my protector isn’t talking to me right now, the big baby is mad at me for breaking his brand new television. In my defense, I did tell him I was going to tear sh*t up if he didn’t release me. He actually tied me up, can you believe that?
Oh, well, I guess in order to get what I want I’ll just have to walk around the house naked.

I’m sure he’ll pounce. He’s a predator and I’m going to pretend to be the prey. Once we get rid of all these pesky assassins, I am going back to my regular life. Mr. Big Bad Vampicus – that’s what I call a mix between a vampire and an incubus by the way. Anyway, Mr. Big Bad Vampicus is just going to have to find himself another mate. An independent girl like me and a domineering beast like him would never work out.

Xoxo Ashley

Book order:
Bk 1: Christmas Fantasy
Bk 2: Dark Fantasies
Bk 3: Wicked Fantasies – Coming Soon

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