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Tease Me On A #ScintillatingSunday


Welcome to another Scintillating Sunday. This week my post is going to carry you on a journey out of this world. Enjoy eight paragraphs from my steamy sci-fi novella, Tease Me, Taste Me.

Tease Me, Taste Me is a story of four friends who get a chance to help their best friend’s mother with her new cyborg company. The only thing they have to do is test the cyborgs out and make sure they perform correctly. What they’re not supposed to do is fall in love with them.


He slid her hair behind her ear. He looked just as in awe with her as she was with him. He twirled her hair around his finger. Tiffanie held herself still, wanting to touch him, to familiarize herself with his flesh.

But she didn’t know if that was appropriate or not. How was she supposed to behave in front of him? What all was he programmed to do? She thought they were created solely for sexual pleasure, yet he seemed content standing there playing with her hair. She was confused.

“I wondered what you would feel like,” his deep voice washed over her. She could listen to him talk all day long. He didn’t even have to say anything meaningful. She would be content hearing him recite the alphabet over and over again. “So far the only things I’ve touched are items in this room and items in the lab.”

“Really?” So he was a virgin. She was going to be his first. Well duh, this is a trial period. Still, she thought someone would’ve tested him out before her. What if he malfunctioned and electrocuted her or something?

“Yes, really. Before today, I’ve spent all of my time in the lab.”

“But,” how could she word this without sounding like a freak.
“You’re supposed to be knowledgeable in everything erotic.”

“I am,” he released her hair and rubbed his knuckles over the side of her face. “I learned by watching movies and…”

“So basically you studied porn?” He grinned and she nearly swooned. This dude was sex on a stick. She wanted to eat him up. Or maybe she’d let him eat her up.

***Tease Me, Taste Me: BK 1 of the Mechanical Men Series.***

Why spend your nights with a man, when you can spend them with a machine? Machines go harder, last longer, and don’t ask silly questions afterward like, did you come?’
-Hudson Innovations – Making your life better, one machine at a time.

Tiffanie Connerly is tired of men. They lie, they cheat and they break your heart. It’s time for Tiffanie to climb off her good girl pedestal and climb on top of a cyborg. She’s ready to give machines a try.

Machines don’t lie. They tell you what you want to hear.
Machines don’t cheat. Once you purchase them, they’re yours forever.
Machines don’t break your heart. They break your headboard…

Who needs a headboard any way?


***How can you not fall in love with man who is half machine?***
Tease Me, Taste Me is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


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