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I’m excited to announce that the third book in the Succubus Nights Series will be available on Amazon on April 22nd. Claimed By The Succubus features Anika and Natina’s best friend, Izzie. If you’ve read book 2, you know that the shy and sometimes clumsy, Izzie is trying to get to Earth to save her two best friends.

There’s a tall, dark and handsome male waiting in the shadows to help her. But will he take her to Earth as promised, or does he have something else planned for the too-trusting Izzie? Find out on April 22nd.

(P.S. Izzie is officially my favorite heroine of this series. But don’t tell the others I said that.)

Planets Outer Space Backdrop


~The Half-Breed~

She is Izeria’Azhul, the long-lost daughter of my king. She was raised away from our people and knows nothing of her heritage. Our kind are a myth to her. She doesn’t believe we exist and there’s no way she’ll believe she’s one of us.

~The Beast~

I am Shun’Uhl, the soldier ordered to return her to my king’s side so she can marry a royal and produce an heir to save our people. To get her to trust me, I shed my beastly form and take on the form of someone she knows. I choose unwisely. The form I’ve selected is a male she despises.

~The Forbidden~

The more time I spend with her, the more she comes to like me. And though I’ve tried to resist, I find myself falling for her also. Her feelings for me will change once she learns of my deception and sees how I really look. Part of me wants to complete my mission and return her to her father. Another part of me wants to remain in this form forever and spend my life with Izeria.

I have a choice to make: be honest with the female I love and risk losing her or lie to her for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, the choice is made for me when we come under attack and I have to release my beast to protect her.

Now she has to make a choice: Me and my beast or a kingdom?


Books 1&2 are available now and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.



Claimed By The Succubus is available for preorder. Get it while it’s only 0.99 cent.

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XDHQ5YL
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XDHQ5YL
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Valentine’s Day Hop And The Perfect Date Night with Gemini and Zain from Kiss Me, Keep Me #NewRelease #SFR


Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time for a Valentine’s Day Blog Hop and Giveaway. Not only will there be a main giveaway of an Amazon Echo, there will also be giveaways at each stop along the hop. More chances for you to win awesome prizes.

Today, I, along with two of my favorite characters, Gemini and Zain, from my new release, Kiss Me, Keep Me, will share with you our idea of the perfect date night. Remember, Zain is not from Earth. So, be patient with him. First up, yours truly.


My idea of the perfect date is actually what’s going to take place this weekend. My husband has rented us a room at a nice hotel along the beach. I’ll get to read or write on the drive to the hotel. (I love long drives.)

It’s supposed to be warmish this week, so I may actually get a chance to walk along the beach. We’re going to watch a movie, and I get to pick the movie which means we’ll be watching Fifty Shades Darker.

We plan to have drinks and dinner at our favorite restaurant. I get to dress up. Yay. It seems like all I wear these days are scrubs for work and pajamas for bed. But hey, they’re usually Disney scrubs and I have cute minion and wonder-woman pajamas. But, it’s going to feel good to actually put on a dress and heels.

Our perfect date doesn’t end in one night. The next day, we’re going to the Casino to gamble. I’m cheap, so I’ll spend about twenty dollars before I decide to simply watch my hubby at the tables.

You’re probably wondering where the gifts come in. Well, my husband and I don’t exchange Valentine’s Day gifts. Strange? Not really. I travel for work and whenever he comes to visit me in the different cities that I’m in, he brings me ‘I miss you’ gifts.

Because of that, I have forbidden him from purchasing me anything for Valentine’s Day. That didn’t stop him from buying me this cute stuffed animal that I can carry with me when I travel. Is it sad that I get more excited over a three dollar toy than I do over a diamond necklace? LOL.

Now that you know what I consider the perfect date night, it’s time for Gemini and Zain to share with you their idea of the perfect date. Enjoy!

Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso showing big muscles over black background

GEMINI: My idea of the perfect date is very detailed, so I’ll let Zain go first. What’s your idea of the perfect date honey?

ZAIN: June 1st.

GEMINI: Wait, no, I don’t think that’s what she meant.

ZAIN: But that is the perfect date.

GEMINI: What’s so special about that date?

ZAIN: It’s the day I first laid eyes on you.

GEMINI: Aww, how sweet. Thanks. But, I think we’re supposed to describe our idea of the perfect date night. You know, like that time we went out for ice cream.

ZAIN: Oh, I get it. Like the time I handcuffed you to the bed and…

GEMINI: Nope, not that. That’s private stuff. How about I describe my perfect date night instead?

ZAIN: Whatever you wish. But, I think mine is better.

GEMINI: Trust me, it is. However, it’s not something we share with others. Okay, my perfect date night would start with dinner and then a movie.

ZAIN: No fancy restaurants. They make me uncomfortable. Too many humans.

GEMINI: We’d go to a small diner.

ZAIN: And no big movie theater. Too many humans.

GEMINI: We’d rent a movie and watch it at home.

ZAIN: I’m enjoying this date already. When the movie is done we can get out the handcuffs, right?

GEMINI: No, after the movie, comes dessert.

ZAIN: Dessert, I love dessert. I can put the chocolate syrup on you again and lick…

GEMINI: We’d eat cupcakes.

ZAIN: I’d rather eat you…

GEMINI: AND THEN, we’d go to the bedroom…

ZAIN: That’s when we’ll get the handcuffs, right?

GEMINI: Yes, babe, that is when the handcuffs come out.

ZAIN: I would like to go on this date right now.

GEMINI: Let’s go.


Mechanical men may not have real hearts, but they also can’t break yours. The only thing you have to worry about them breaking is your headboard. But who needs a headboard anyway?
-Hudson Innovations – Making your life better, one machine at a time.

She’s not looking for love. She’s looking for lust.
The headboard breaking kind of lust.

Gemini Prescott has been burned by love too many times. There’s no way she’s going back down that road again. When she learns of mechanical men, she believes she’s found the perfect antidote to her problems. Mechanical men can’t break your heart. Mechanical men can’t cheat on you with your best friend. A mechanical man is exactly what she needs.

But something seems to be wrong with her personal robot. He doesn’t follow orders like he’s supposed to. Instead, he has demands of his own. Demands that leave her begging for more. She would return him to the manufacturer, but there’s this thing he does with his tongue that makes him a keeper.

He’s not looking for love or lust. He’s looking for a way off this planet.

Zain only has one goal: to return to his home-world. Though most of his brethren are enjoying their new life on Earth, Zain has no desire to follow their lead. He doesn’t want to be a pleasure-robot, a slave to whoever purchases him. He plans to leave Earth behind and he’ll destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Then he meets Gemini.
And everything changes.


Kiss Me, Keep Me is available on Amazon. For the month of February it is priced at only 0.99 and its FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MYF23LX/
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Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01MYF23LX/

Book 1 of the Mechanical Men series is available on Amazon also and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TA96VI2
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TA96VI2
Amazon CA: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00TA96VI2


The Valentine’s Blog Hop will run from February 12 – February 18.
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My prize for the hop is a ten dollar Amazon gift card. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment describing your idea of the perfect date night. One lucky winner will be chosen once the blog hop ends. Good luck and have a naughty Valentine’s Day!


To Moan Or Not To Moan On A #ScintillatingSunday


Happy Scintillating Sunday. Today I’m happy to share with you guys an excerpt from my new Sci-Fi Romance novel, Her Alien Protector.

Beautiful young nude muscular male model alone in bed with lots

He was dreaming. He had to be.

This couldn’t be real. His mate couldn’t be on her knees in front of him, licking her lips, looking like a siren from his fantasies. But the hand around his cock felt real. The warmth of her breath against the tip of him felt real.

Raynor watched in awe and shock as his mate leaned forward, bringing her parted lips closer to his cock. And this was her first time. Pride filled him. Never in his life had he been as hard as he was right now. Never had he been this aroused.

If there was a rational thought left in his head, it would tell him to push her away from him. It would tell him that this was the same female who shunned him, the same female who said she could never mate with the likes of him.

He was long past the ability to form a rational thought or listen to logic. And was pushed further over the edge the moment she wrapped her lips around his cock. A hiss escaped him and he begged his body to be still.

There was no need for her to know how deeply her actions affected him. She pushed her mouth down on him, going as far as she could then pulled back, taking with her his ability to breath. Stars, the friction would be the death of him. He closed his eyes but her words forced them back open.

“Watch me.”

Damn it, did she want him to come undone before she finished? That would be the outcome if he continued to watch what she was doing to him. Yet, he obeyed, not wanting to admit to himself how much he yearned to watch her love him with her mouth.


Falling in love with a prisoner was against the rules.

So why was Lark allowing herself to get close to Raynor? He was domineering, cocky and much too handsome for his own good. Though her mind found him unbearable, her body was ready to endure anything he could deliver. However, she wouldn’t allow herself to fall for him, to trust him. Inside of him lived a darkness unlike anything she’d ever witnessed. If the rumors were true, that darkness would consume any and everyone in its path. Lark was going to try her best to stay out of his way.

They called him The Destroyer.

Raynor Batiste was many things: a monster, a killer, one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy. He was a beast whose name sent shudders through his enemies. However, a prisoner he was not. The only reason he’d allowed himself to be captured was so he could claim his mate, Lark Valdese.

That task was proving harder than he’d anticipated. Lark is afraid of what lives inside of him, and she should be. Yet, when her planet comes under attack, the evil lurking inside of him may be the only thing that can save her and her people.

He’s willing to protect her planet, but his aid comes at a price, a price only Lark can pay. Will she give in to the beast in order to save her world?


Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G3S6SEY
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01G3S6SEY
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01G3S6SEY
Web: https://sirenallen.com/beastsfrombeyond/
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Talking Fear with the trio from, One Night With A Succubus #SciFi


Happy Halloween!!

It’s raining in my neck of the woods. 😦 But that’s okay. Online, it’s always sunny.

I’m excited on this rainy day because I get to chat with the trio from, One Night With A Succubus. Today, all three characters will share with us what their worst fear is.


I have a few fears. One is I’m afraid that I’m going to prove to my superiors that I’m just as clumsy as they think I am. Which I did prove to them when I crash landed my craft into a sexually barren planet, earth. Luckily, I stumbled upon two earthlings who made my stay on earth enjoyable.

Because of them, my second worst fear didn’t happen. I did not starve to death. Us Succubi need to feed at least twice a day. And when I say feed, I mean have sex…. hours and hours of rough sex. Dexter and Jason gave me the energy I needed to complete my mission.

They also opened up to each other about things they’d both been afraid to admit. I guess one night with me helped them conquer some of their fears.


I’ve tackled my worst fear, thanks to a mysterious woman I encountered in the woods. For years I’ve been afraid to admit, even to myself, the feelings I have for my best friend. Well now he knows.

I just hope he doesn’t regret our one night together. For me, it was magical. I got to spend the night with a beautiful woman and the man I love. I have no regrets. My new fear is that he does. Our friendship could be ruined due to one spectacular night.

I’m not ashamed or afraid of how I feel. However, I am afraid of rejection. I’ve worked along side Dexter for years. I’ve hid my feelings because I feared he would think less of me if I expressed them. Then one night, this sexy stranger comes into our lives and he’s willing to screw her even though he doesn’t know her.

Though I wanted her just as much as he did, I have to admit that I was jealous of her. At least I was until she lured me into their embrace. As one, we explored levels of passion that I’ve never experienced before. I don’t want to lose this feeling. I want them both. My fear is that they may not want anything permanent with me.

***One Night With A Succubus is not for the faint of heart. It involves a delicious MMF menage and very naught language. This sci-fi read is for mature adults only.***

She needs sex to survive.

Lost and starving, Natina Duvo has to find food and fast. Bread and water won’t do. Only hours of rough sex will keep her alive and give her the strength she needs to complete her mission. Hopefully the men of earth will have enough stamina to survive one night with her. She will soon find out.
It’s time for Natina to hunt.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ULX215I
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00ULX215I

Talking fear with the main characters of Tease Me, Taste Me #Halloween


It’s Saturday. Time for a little Girl Talk. Today we’re talking fears with the main characters from my sci-fi novella, Tease Me Taste Me. Tiffanie and Orik will share with us what their worst fear is.


My worst fear is living the rest of my life without taking chances, risks. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? For so long I’ve lived in the shadow of others, letting them make decisions for me. I’m ready to make my own decisions. I’m ready to live my life the way I want to. No more worrying about what men like. No more dieting to stay in shape so a man will notice me. I’m ready to eat cake, drink beer and try out these new machines my friend has created. 🙂


My worst fear is having the woman I love find out who and what I really am. If she finds out the reason my people truly came to this planet, she will fear me. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep this knowledge from going public… whatever it takes.


Tease Me, Taste Me: BK 1 of the Mechanical Men Series.

Why spend your nights with a man, when you can spend them with a machine? Machines go harder, last longer, and don’t ask silly questions afterward like, did you come?’
-Hudson Innovations – Making your life better, one machine at a time.

Tiffanie Connerly is tired of men. They lie, they cheat and they break your heart. It’s time for Tiffanie to climb off her good girl pedestal and climb on top of a cyborg. She’s ready to give machines a try.

Machines don’t lie. They tell you what you want to hear.
Machines don’t cheat. Once you purchase them, they’re yours forever.
Machines don’t break your heart. They break your headboard…

Who needs a headboard any way?


“You want us to be the first ones to try out the cyborgs?” Gemini asked.

“Yes, Gem. I want you four ladies to be my testers.”

Well hot damn. It was official. She was finally going to fuck a cyborg. Tiffanie felt herself blushing and even though she was slightly embarrassed by her thoughts, she still couldn’t wipe the grin off her face. The only one not smiling was Jessica.

“Mother, this is outrageous,” Jess flipped her hair over her shoulder and shot her mother a disgruntled glare. “I’m not about to have sex with a machine just so you can see if it works properly. Don’t you have a team of imbeciles who do that type of stuff for you?”

“Jessica, you and I will chat later. But don’t ruin your bridesmaids’ fun.”

“Yeah Jess,” Kylee pouted. “Don’t ruin our fun.”

“Consider this a gift from me to them,” Ms. Hudson said. “This is a thank you to your friends for the loyalty they’ve shown you since the day they met yet you. Real friends are hard to come by, and you’ve managed to find three. Will you allow me to show them my gratitude?”

They all turned to stare at Jessica who shifted from one foot to the other as she thought over her mother’s request.

“Oh, alright,” she finally said. “But I’m not having sex with one of those robodicks.”

Ms. Hudson laughed. “That’s what you say now. You may change your mind after you see what these robodicks can do.”


Amazon U.S: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TA96VI2
Amazon U.K: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TA96VI2
Amazon CA: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00TA96VI2


Tease Me On A #ScintillatingSunday


Welcome to another Scintillating Sunday. This week my post is going to carry you on a journey out of this world. Enjoy eight paragraphs from my steamy sci-fi novella, Tease Me, Taste Me.

Tease Me, Taste Me is a story of four friends who get a chance to help their best friend’s mother with her new cyborg company. The only thing they have to do is test the cyborgs out and make sure they perform correctly. What they’re not supposed to do is fall in love with them.


He slid her hair behind her ear. He looked just as in awe with her as she was with him. He twirled her hair around his finger. Tiffanie held herself still, wanting to touch him, to familiarize herself with his flesh.

But she didn’t know if that was appropriate or not. How was she supposed to behave in front of him? What all was he programmed to do? She thought they were created solely for sexual pleasure, yet he seemed content standing there playing with her hair. She was confused.

“I wondered what you would feel like,” his deep voice washed over her. She could listen to him talk all day long. He didn’t even have to say anything meaningful. She would be content hearing him recite the alphabet over and over again. “So far the only things I’ve touched are items in this room and items in the lab.”

“Really?” So he was a virgin. She was going to be his first. Well duh, this is a trial period. Still, she thought someone would’ve tested him out before her. What if he malfunctioned and electrocuted her or something?

“Yes, really. Before today, I’ve spent all of my time in the lab.”

“But,” how could she word this without sounding like a freak.
“You’re supposed to be knowledgeable in everything erotic.”

“I am,” he released her hair and rubbed his knuckles over the side of her face. “I learned by watching movies and…”

“So basically you studied porn?” He grinned and she nearly swooned. This dude was sex on a stick. She wanted to eat him up. Or maybe she’d let him eat her up.

***Tease Me, Taste Me: BK 1 of the Mechanical Men Series.***

Why spend your nights with a man, when you can spend them with a machine? Machines go harder, last longer, and don’t ask silly questions afterward like, did you come?’
-Hudson Innovations – Making your life better, one machine at a time.

Tiffanie Connerly is tired of men. They lie, they cheat and they break your heart. It’s time for Tiffanie to climb off her good girl pedestal and climb on top of a cyborg. She’s ready to give machines a try.

Machines don’t lie. They tell you what you want to hear.
Machines don’t cheat. Once you purchase them, they’re yours forever.
Machines don’t break your heart. They break your headboard…

Who needs a headboard any way?


***How can you not fall in love with man who is half machine?***
Tease Me, Taste Me is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


Amazon U.S: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TA96VI2
Amazon U.K: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TA96VI2
Amazon CA: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00TA96VI2

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