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Get Ready For Some Christmas Confusion on a #ScintillatingSunday


Happy Sunday!

Welcome to another week of scintillating excerpts. Today I’m sharing eight paragraphs from my romantic comedy, Christmas Confusion. Christmas Confusion is a fun story about two neighbors who just can’t seem to figure this thing called love out.

Bailey is the shy virgin who gets nervous every time her neighbor talks to her. Max is the sexy boy next door who only wants one girl, Bailey, but he just can’t find the right words to tell her that. This Christmas it will take the help of their two besties to bring them together. Enjoy eight paragraphs from this hilarious romance.


Oh–my–gosh, Bailey had no idea the movie ended on a sex scene. She was mortified. Beside her, Max’s eyes were glued to the screen. He sat completely still, he hands clenched into fists.

The hero lifts his bride’s dress up, exposing her slender white legs. She moans as her hero kisses her neck.

Bailey couldn’t suppress the moaned that escaped her lips, she was aroused. Max turned toward her, his eyes widening in surprise. Bailey could only imagine how ridiculous she looked to him. Cheeks flushed, lips parted slightly due to the moan that slipped through. “He’s a very thorough lover,” Bailey talked loudly, trying to drown out the moans coming from the TV screen. She had no idea the movie ended this way. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy. Sex wasn’t usually this… arousing in romantic comedies.

“That he is,” Max said, with his eyes on her and not the television screen.
His eyes on her, combined with the sounds coming from the television, was causing her to feel things she’d never felt before. Why was she imagining Max doing those things to her and why was he still staring at her? Was he hoping for the same things she were, a touch a caress… anything to get rid of the need that was taking hold of her.

Bailey licked her lips, she felt parched. “Um, can I have a bottle of water?”

“Water? Yeah, yeah, water. I got water.” Max jumped up quickly, causing the comforter to wrap around his legs nearly tripping him. Bailey reached for him, trying to keep him from falling. Her hand landed on his jogging pants, close to his… unmentionable part. She snatched her hand away quickly and he recoiled from her touch just as fast.

“Sorry… I didn’t want you to fall… I tried to catch you…” Bailey let her sentence trail away, as she watched him right himself and untangle his feet from within the covers.

“Thanks, it’s okay. I’m okay. Everything is okay. I’m gonna go get your water now.” Max exited the room quickly, as if hell hounds were nipping at his heels. She should go, she could tell she was making him uncomfortable and she’d almost touched his junk. Her whole body throbbed with a need she didn’t understand, and those damn TV characters wouldn’t stop moaning. This little date or whatever you wanted to call it was turning into a disaster.




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