Scintillating Sunday, The Darkest Legion

Her Dream Lover wants forever. #ScintillatingSunday #TheDarkestLegion


Happy Scintillating Sunday!

Today I’m sharing eight paragraphs from my latest paranormal novel, Her Dream Lover. The story follows the lives of Brandi Connelly and Draken Barrand. Brandi is the new overnight ward clerk at the psychiatric hospital Draken is trapped in.

After being an unwilling patient in the hospital for years, imagine Draken’s surprise when he finds out his mate is now working there. Having thought he’d never have one, Draken is obsessed with learning more about her. What he learns makes him eager to claim her. But first, he has to break free of his cell. Enjoy this snippet.


The sound of the doorknob turning put him on high alert. He heard her enter into the room, no, he felt her enter into his room. Her presence sent chills up his spine and kicked his need to protect into overdrive.
Slowly she made her way over to his cell. She whispered his name. Draken shivered. He rolled over onto his back. He didn’t yawn or attempt to play drowsy. He just stared at her and she returned his gaze.

“Hey,” she finally said after what seemed like forever. He would have been content with just staring at her.

“Hey,” he replied. Another round of silence followed.

“Did I wake you?” Draken shook his head. “Were you resting, because I can come back?”

“No, I wasn’t resting. I was thinking.”

“You seemed to have been deep in thought. Did I interrupt, because I can leave…?”

“I was thinking about you.”

A beautiful blush crept up her neck and flamed her cheeks. Draken wondered if her whole body was the same flushed color. His inner demon growled. Not yet, demon, Draken calmed the beast stirring inside him.


Every time she closes her eyes he’s there…waiting for her.

Working night shift at a mental hospital was never Brandi Connelly’s dream job, but in order to pay her grandmother’s medical bills she’s willing to do whatever she has too. Her new job seems like a piece of cake, there is only one thing keeping her from enjoying it – Draken Barrand, a patient.

Thoughts of her patient haunt her night and day and she’s too embarrassed to tell anyone about the strange dreams she’s having about him. Partly because she’s afraid they will think she’s crazy…mostly because the things that go on while she’s sleeping make her blush.

As the nightly visions become all too real she’s afraid they’re not dreams at all. If these nightly fantasies are real, that means everything her dream lover has told her is real, which means that the little mating ritual she so excitedly participated in was real. Soon she will change into a demon and there is nothing she can do about it.

Claimed and marked, she now belongs to a creature of the night. There’s just one up side to this – he’s trapped behind the walls of a mental institution. That means she has time to figure out a way to stop the change… well she would’ve had time, if her mate hadn’t broken out of his cell.


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**Her Dream Lover is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.**



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