Horror, M'Renee Allen

#CoverReveal: “You Should’ve Chose Me” by M’Renee Allen

Cover Reveal

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about roses and candy. It’s about spending time with the person you love. But what happens when those roses have thorns and the candy turns to blood in your mouth? What happens when the person you love becomes the person you hate the most?

Patricia Scott has found an impressive way to handle those issues.

You Should've Chose Me

Patricia Scott is a dreamer.

She believes in love and hopes to one day have a large house surrounded by a white picket fence with the sound of children’s laughter floating through it. And then it happens. She meets her knight in shining armor.

But, it isn’t long before she realizes life is not a fairy tale. Dreams turn into nightmares. Love turns to hate and that large house with the white picket fence turns into a cell surrounded by bars. There are no sounds of children laughing in her future, just her own screams as she stares down at the blood coating her clothes.

But whose blood is it?


COMING VALENTINE’S DAY 2016. Be careful who you share your candy with.


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