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#MarchMadness with Bailey and Max from Christmas Confusion


It’s March Madness. And no, we’re not discussing basketball, we’re discussing the things that drive us to madness. You know, like toilet seats left raised, fast food joints running out of french fries, and chasing a rainbow only to find the pot of gold missing. Yeah, those things piss me off also.

Today, the characters from Christmas Confusion are sharing with us a few things that make them mad.

Sexy Woman in Martini glass. Vector Illustration.

Bailey: Here’s a few things that drives me bonkers.

1) Co-workers who feel like they run the place. You know, the kind that try to tell you what to do, but they’re at the same pay rate as you are. Until your badge says BOSS, don’t tell me when I should work.

Sorry, I’m rambling. Moving on to number 2.

2) A sister-in-law who makes my brother’s life miserable. I only have one brother and he’s my world. So, it’s hard for me to just ignore the issues he has with his wife. But I have to, because he doesn’t want me in his business. Sometimes being a little sister sucks. On to number three.

3) The fact that life isn’t fair and sometimes we lose the people we love. There’s not much to say about this one. People die. There’s nothing we can do about it. We have to keep living. Sometimes that’s hard to do when you lose a loved one. Yet, we manage. I guess we’re stronger than we think we are.

4) Dieting. That should’ve been number one. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Bring on the bacon.

5) Last but not least, I hate how shy I get whenever my neighbor, Max, comes around. I can’t help it. All he has to do is look at me and I forget how to speak. I really need to get a grip because it’s not like he’d want me anyway… but a girl can dream. And I dream about him almost every night. Oh well, these are five things that drive me mad.


Max: I try not to get mad. I think it’s a waste of energy. However, sometimes you can’t help but get upset over certain things. Here’s a few things that drive me crazy.

1) Baby brothers.
2.) Big brothers.
3.) Sexy neighbors who ignore me. I mean, am I invisible?
4.) Love. Now that I’ve found the woman for me, it’s hard trying to convince her that I’m the one for her.
5.) Politicians.

There you have it. What? was I supposed to elaborate. Nah, that’s another thing that drives me crazy, socializing.

Alrighty then. And there you have it. To get to know these characters better you can purchase Christmas Confusion on Amazon. The Ebook is FREE with Kindle Unlimited and the print version will be available on Amazon soon.


~Bailey Cooper has fallen in love – sadly the man she’s in love with already has a man. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? ~

Bailey Cooper is very much attracted to her neighbor, Max Davis. Unfortunately for Bailey, Greg – Max’s lover, is slowly becoming one of Bailey’s best friends. Bailey’s emotions are torn. She adores Greg’s friendship while at the same time she craves Max’s touch.

What’s a girl to do when she ‘thinks’ the man she’s in love with is in love with someone else?

Max Davis and his baby brother Greg Davis are co-owners of the apartment building they live in. Max has fallen for his tenant, Bailey, but she avoids and ignores all of his advances. It doesn’t take long for him to become suspicious of the friendship blooming between Greg and Bailey. He believes Bailey has a crush on his brother, but Max wants his shy little neighbor all to himself. Now he has to think of ways to keep Bailey and Greg apart, which is ridiculous since Greg isn’t even in to women. Time to break that news to his neighbor and hope it causes her attention to swing his way.

Will a holiday weekend full of chaos, confusion and a little bit of charm finally get Bailey and Max on the right track? Or will a few innocent caresses lead to more Christmas confusion?


“He’s a very thorough lover,” Bailey talked loudly, trying to drown out the moans coming from the TV screen. She had no idea the movie ended this way. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy. Sex wasn’t usually this… arousing in romantic comedies.

“That he is,” Max said, with his eyes on her and not the television screen.

His eyes on her, combined with the sounds coming from the television, was causing her to feel things she’d never felt before. Why was she imagining Max doing those things to her and why was he still staring at her? Was he hoping for the same things she were, a touch a caress… anything to get rid of the need that was taking hold of her.

Bailey licked her lips, she felt parched. “Um, can I have a bottle of water?”

“Water? Yeah, yeah, water. I got water.” Max jumped up quickly, causing the comforter to wrap around his legs nearly tripping him. Bailey reached for him, trying to keep him from falling. Her hand landed on his jogging pants, close to his… unmentionable part. She snatched her hand away quickly and he recoiled from her touch just as fast.

“Sorry… I didn’t want you to fall… I tried to catch you…” Bailey let her sentence trail away, as she watched him right himself and untangle his feet from within the covers.

“Thanks, it’s okay. I’m okay. Everything is okay. I’m gonna go get your water now.” Max exited the room quickly, as if hell hounds were nipping at his heels.

She should go, she could tell she was making him uncomfortable and she’d almost touched his junk. Her whole body throbbed with a need she didn’t understand, and those damn TV characters wouldn’t stop moaning.
Bailey turned to the television screen in time to see the hero handcuff his bride to the bed. What in the heck was she watching? Max returned with her water and a cold beer for himself. She wished he would’ve brought her a beer also. She didn’t drink beer, but she would have loved to down one right now.


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