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To Moan Or Not To Moan On A #ScintillatingSunday


Happy Scintillating Sunday. Today I’m happy to share with you guys an excerpt from my new Sci-Fi Romance novel, Her Alien Protector.

Beautiful young nude muscular male model alone in bed with lots

He was dreaming. He had to be.

This couldn’t be real. His mate couldn’t be on her knees in front of him, licking her lips, looking like a siren from his fantasies. But the hand around his cock felt real. The warmth of her breath against the tip of him felt real.

Raynor watched in awe and shock as his mate leaned forward, bringing her parted lips closer to his cock. And this was her first time. Pride filled him. Never in his life had he been as hard as he was right now. Never had he been this aroused.

If there was a rational thought left in his head, it would tell him to push her away from him. It would tell him that this was the same female who shunned him, the same female who said she could never mate with the likes of him.

He was long past the ability to form a rational thought or listen to logic. And was pushed further over the edge the moment she wrapped her lips around his cock. A hiss escaped him and he begged his body to be still.

There was no need for her to know how deeply her actions affected him. She pushed her mouth down on him, going as far as she could then pulled back, taking with her his ability to breath. Stars, the friction would be the death of him. He closed his eyes but her words forced them back open.

“Watch me.”

Damn it, did she want him to come undone before she finished? That would be the outcome if he continued to watch what she was doing to him. Yet, he obeyed, not wanting to admit to himself how much he yearned to watch her love him with her mouth.


Falling in love with a prisoner was against the rules.

So why was Lark allowing herself to get close to Raynor? He was domineering, cocky and much too handsome for his own good. Though her mind found him unbearable, her body was ready to endure anything he could deliver. However, she wouldn’t allow herself to fall for him, to trust him. Inside of him lived a darkness unlike anything she’d ever witnessed. If the rumors were true, that darkness would consume any and everyone in its path. Lark was going to try her best to stay out of his way.

They called him The Destroyer.

Raynor Batiste was many things: a monster, a killer, one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy. He was a beast whose name sent shudders through his enemies. However, a prisoner he was not. The only reason he’d allowed himself to be captured was so he could claim his mate, Lark Valdese.

That task was proving harder than he’d anticipated. Lark is afraid of what lives inside of him, and she should be. Yet, when her planet comes under attack, the evil lurking inside of him may be the only thing that can save her and her people.

He’s willing to protect her planet, but his aid comes at a price, a price only Lark can pay. Will she give in to the beast in order to save her world?


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